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Who knows if Carey Price takes the time to sit in front of the television to watch the thrilling Tampa-Colorado finale. For him it would perhaps be too hard a contact with reality.

You can’t help but watch the work of Tampa goalkeeper Andrei Vasilevskiy. The skill and confidence of him with his gloves are exceptional. His stick on the ice, makes saves and cuts passes. He reads the game with a rare instinct. His sideways movements are lively, fast, precise and rarely overflows from the goalposts. In butterfly, he sticks to the ground and it takes a nice shot to beat him in the upper parts.

Six feet three inches, 225 pounds, he is strong as a horse, combative, never gives up. Undeniably, at 27, he is the best in his profession. In Friday’s Tampa victory in Denver, Avalanche tried everything, directing 37 shots fired at him everywhere.

It would be great if Carey Price realized that the time has come to move into her new home in British Columbia all year round. You will never be able to rise to such a level.


With all the will in the world, with knees walking from clinics to surgeons and her 35th birthday in a month and a half, is Carey Price still in the game?

Look at Vasilevskiy again and you will have the answer. We have rarely seen such a creepy thorn in the side of two CEOs. Beyond $ 10 million a year, Price certainly isn’t letting go, even though the handsome guy, since he was enlisted by Bob Gainey 17 years ago, has certainly pocketed $ 100 million not far away. USA of course.

Last year he had to abandon his teammates, his organization and the fans to cure an addiction. We know very well that his absence has cost more people their jobs.

Curiously, when he solved this problem he came back, but he got injured and, at the time of reading these lines, we still don’t know how to organize the work in front of the Canadian’s nets because we still don’t know where Mr. Price is returned. One thing is certain, he is quite far from Mr. Vasilevskiy.

From the enclave

  • In beautiful Summerlea, the Montreal Research Institute’s annual golf tournament raised $ 213,000. Massimo Clermont of the construction company DCR auctioned the package and in particular left with an autographed shirt … of Guy Lafleur.
  • The football goal is 7.32 meters by 2.24, so for the elderly, 24 feet by 8 feet. A goalkeeper can seem crazy.
  • Condolences to the family and members of the International Club 2000 for the death of Renè Parisian, field quality officer. When he saw us he always said to Manon: “Tin … you have brought your handicap!” ”
  • Ann Walton Kroenke, owner of the Colorado Avalanche, also owns the NBA’s Denver Nuggets. She and her sister Nancy are heirs to the Walton family at the head of the Wallmart chain.
  • Jeffrey Vinikcurrent owner of Tampa Lightning is also a minority shareholder of the Boston Red Sox.
  • Velo-Quebec has just released its new interactive map of the 2,500 kilometers of mountain biking in Quebec. A lot of work in there.
  • Tuesday 16 August the 3rd omnium Serge Savard for the CHUM foundation. In my opinion, it will take place at the Mirage.
  • This is Francois Lacombe, a boy from Lachine, who scored the first goal in Nordic history then in the World Association. He had previously been sold to the Canadiens by the Oakland Seals who also added their first pick to the draft which became … Guy Lafleur.
  • Questions like this. Marc Bergevin will he be at the Kings drawing board in Montreal next week? It will be funny.
  • Confirmed on, Barry Trotz he will not train this season and maybe never again. He wants to spend time with his family after 25 years as an instructor in Nashville, Washington and New York (Islanders).


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