Juraj Slafkovsky continues to be ranked No. 1 from multiple explorers


There are only two weeks left until the National Hockey League Draft 2022, to be held in Montreal.

Well, even today, Montreal Canadiens’ general manager Kent Hughes says over and over that their choice has not yet been made when the player CH will choose in the first place.

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Does he just want to keep the suspense until the end or is there really a debate among the Habs staff?

In any case, there is indeed a Shane Wright vs Juraj Slafkovsky debate on social networks and between different scouts.

If we rely on the words of the various scouts it is still 50/50.

However, Shane Wright is more unanimous in terms of potential. Most agree that he will be a good player in the NHL.

As for Juraj Slafkovsky, half says he will be a star, and the other half says he won’t break anything in the NHL.

Here is a collection of the words of some scouts.

First, here’s what a scout has to say to explain the difference between Slafkovsky’s performance in Liiga and Slafkovsky’s performance on the international stage.

“It’s a bit difficult to explain. But the first thing to understand is that it’s not easy to play in the Finnish league. The hockey that is played is very closed with systems that use trap door shapes. In short, it’s a great challenge to produce there at a fast pace and especially for a young athlete “- NHL Scout for 10 years

“Furthermore, if I moved the best Canadian candidates of this repechage season to Liiga, I am convinced that it would be very difficult for them too. “

This scout therefore sees this difficulty in producing in Slafkovsky’s Liiga as positive.

“I see him more positively, in the sense that with his stats accumulated on the international stage, I’m not afraid of his potential for the NHL. After all, the NHL game suits him more than Liiga’s game and his particular style. Having seen him excel in the Olympics and the World Cup, I am convinced that he will become a good player in the NHL, a very good player too.

Flaws are hard to find in Slafkovsky for this scout.

“His creativity in making games is good, but not excellent. But how many players are five feet tall, run into goal with such balance and also have exceptional creativity? Few players have all the trump cards like Mario Lemieux. “

However, this scout interviewed by RDS states that he usually always took a cross before a winger.

“Personally, even if I haven’t seen Wright play a lot of times, I’d get a cross on a winger. It’s still very difficult to find good midfielders. Position players still have a greater impact on games than winger.”

Another scout says the pressure on Kent Hughes to select Shane Wright is immense, especially as a novice GM.

“People outside the hockey community have no idea of ​​the pressure the Canadiens are under to enlist Wright. And especially with a novice general manager, I tell myself it’s impossible that Wright isn’t their choice. Then the leaders of the CH will be annihilated when he is not the best player of his repechage “

What remains certain is that in terms of advanced stats, Slafkovsky is far from being a player capable of coming out on top.

My colleague Félix Forget has also written an excellent article on this topic.

In short, the Slovakian winger is not exactly unanimous.

It will therefore be really interesting to see in which direction the CH leans during the repechage.

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