Junior Team Canada Sexual Assault Allegations | The NHL was not warned in 2018


(Denver) Although Hockey Canada investigated sexual assault allegations involving eight Junior Team Canada members in 2018, it appears the federation did not see fit to notify the NHL.

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Guillaume Lefrancois

Guillaume Lefrancois
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At least that’s what Gary Bettman hinted at on Wednesday, during his traditional press conference that marked the start of the Stanley Cup Finals.

The commissioner said he became aware of these allegations “when we learned that there was a cause”. This lawsuit, brought by an anonymous victim, was filed on April 20.

“We didn’t know anything about it until now,” Bettman said. We have allegations from an anonymous person against eight anonymous persons. This is not an obvious situation. ”

We recall that the identity of the eight players targeted by the complainant was never revealed.

Last May, when TSN colleague Rick Westhead revealed that an amicable settlement had been reached, the NHL issued a press release announcing that it would work to “find out the facts”, then “determine appropriate action if the players currently in the NHL had been involved. ”

Bill Daly, Bettman’s deputy, said the investigation was “ongoing”. “The Footballers’ Association worked very well to facilitate interviews with the players of this team. We have also been in contact with Hockey Canada, ”Daly added.

Two members who competed in the 2018 World Junior Championships with Team Canada participate in this Stanley Cup final. They are Cale Makar dell’Avalanche and Cal Foote del Fulmine.

“I don’t know if I can talk much about it because the investigation is ongoing, but I have received an email and I will cooperate with the investigation,” Makar said on Tuesday’s media day. I haven’t been involved in this story, but whatever they want, I’ll be very cooperative. But I’ll let the NHL comment on the file. ”

Foote was more concise when The print he questioned him. “I won’t talk about it here. I’ll talk about it after the final,” said the defender.

Makar was already visibly excluded from the trial, as the prosecution identified the eight suspects as Canadian Hockey League (CHL) players. However, the stellar defender never played Canadian junior hockey and made it past the NCAA. As for Foote, freelance journalist Ken Campbell quoted his agent, Kurt Overhardt, saying that after the investigation, it was determined that Foote was not the subject of the allegations.

Bettman also said he “assumes” that the NHL will release the results of its investigation, “unless the only access we have to the information prevents us from doing so.” We try to be as transparent as possible ”.

An argument with … Wayne Gretzky?

In May, Quebec Finance Minister Eric Girard met with Bettman to discuss the future of hockey in Quebec. Bettman has provided the details and we can deduce that the Videotron Center will not welcome the Nordics anytime soon.

Photo Olivier Jean, LA PRESSE archive

Eric Girard, Quebec Minister of Finance

The meeting was split into two parts, Bettman said. The first part basically said that “there is nothing to indicate that there will be a team or games in Quebec in the future [prévisible] “.

And the second part? “I’m sure him [Eric Girard] I found it beautiful and exciting, because Wayne Gretzky was on our premises, by chance. The minister is a huge hockey fan. So he and Wayne had a good chat. Bettman then clarified that Mr. Girard and 99 had exchanged “small talk” (Chatter).

Bettman then indicated that the idea of ​​organizing the Senators’ matches in Quebec had indeed been advanced, but that it “never came close to concretizing”.

Lot of

  • The Stanley Cup will not go to Russia this summer, assured Bill Daly. The Lightning have three Russian players (Andrei Vasilevskiy, Nikita Kucherov and Mikhail Sergachev), against one of the Avalanches (Valeri Nichushkin). However, Stanley Cup winners are always entitled to a day with the trophy, usually in their hometown. “We may owe them one day with the Cup at the end,” Daly said. But not this summer. ”
  • Gary Bettman said the NHL is aiming for October 11 for the first games of the 2022-23 season in North America. He hopes the NHL schedule will return to “normal”.


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