Jon Cooper wants to turn the page “despite the referees’ mistake”


Yesterday’s extra-time goal left a lot of ink flowing. Did the referees make the right decision for the rest? Difficult to say concretely, in fact.

On paper it is clear that the goal was not good. That said, the referees did not see the game, it is not a sequence that can be reviewed, both teams had guys on the ice and above all the referees had clearly whistled at the end of the game.

So I’m not one to shout that the goal had to be canceled, but I might be convinced otherwise … and above all, I still understand the frustration of Tampa fans.

It is difficult, in my opinion, to draw the line when there are too many guys on the ice because it is subjective.

And you know like me that if there had been a penalty and the game had ended on power play, it would have caused a sensation. The playoff controversy is hard to escape.

In short. All of which is to say that even though the Avalanche are trying to put this back in to try to win the Cup tomorrow night and the boys don’t want to get too carried away, the Lightning aren’t exactly a happy customer right now. .

In Tampa Bay we don’t seem to have digested the decision, but nothing can be changed. That’s why Jon Cooper, who promised to speak calmly about the decision last night, calmed down. He is a caring guy who is used to the final but still hurts.

That’s why he wants to move forward, but by getting his message across.

It can not be helped.

Their [les arbitres] lost, it’s a pity, but the water flowed under the bridge. –Jon Cooper

The Lightning are an experienced club. That said, winning three games in a row, including two away games, will be a big challenge for a tired and injured club like Tampa.

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