Jeff Petry will earn (at least a little) more than Ryan McDonagh


We are (already or finally, it depends) the 4th of July. Happy birthday to all our American readers.

Today we start the famous week of draft. It will be all prospects who have planned to go to the Bell Center on Thursday eo Will he be able to get through the turnstiles at Pierre-Elliott Trudeau airport on Friday? We will see.

I must remind you that this is an important week for the duo Hughes-Gorton? 14 choices, including the first in total … some transactions to complete … a plan to devise before the free agent market opens …

No, Montreal staff won’t be getting much sleep this week.

The first player you think of when it comes to a possible transaction with the Canadiens is Jeff Petry. The boy asked to be swapped last December, his family stayed in the US after Christmas, and the Canadian’s GM repeated several times that he was just trying to find a new team for his # 26 big man.

But he also reiterated several times that he will only complete an exchange involving Petry if it allows the Canadian to improve (a medium-long term). Hughes also admitted that if Petry leaves over the summer, he’ll be replaced by a veteran next season, not a green rookie.

But the big question remains: Will Kent Hughes be able to trade Jeff Petry while meeting each of the criteria and conditions he has set himself?

Seeing what the Lightning had to accept to free millions accounting that Ryan McDonagh had on the team’s payroll, there’s always a chance that no, Jeff Petry won’t be traded. Just as with the identity of the player who will be selected first ever on Thursday night, there is a lot of uncertainty in the Petry file.

Firstwe remember the return obtained for McDonagh: Philippe Myers and Grant Mismash. A return that reminded me of the exchange of PK Subban, the Predators and the Devils …

Myers was never drafted into the NHL, spent the 2021-22 season between NHL and AHL, will be paid $ 3.8 million in 2022-23 and he will count for $ 2.55 million on the payroll of Bolts. And that’s if it isn’t redeemed. Because even though Julien BriseBois has indicated that he has no intention of redeeming Myers’ contract – structured to make a buyout attractive – some insiders I still believe that enlightenment will do so for the next few hours.

In short, the value of Myers on the market was not really very good.

Mismash, meanwhile, is a round two pick in 2017 that was never really born. She is 23 years old and last season in the American League she scored 12 points in 57 games. And he’s a striker …

His hit cap is $ 842,500 and will be FRG at the end of the season.

However, Mismash’s market value was also not very good.

McDonagh was then almost sold to the Predators, who were ready to take McDonagh and 100% of his remaining contract – four seasons to one. hit cap of $ 6.75 million. We saw an accounting transaction, that’s all.

According tolet’s compare Petry and McDonagh.

Petry is 34, a year (and a half) older than McDonagh. He just finished the 2021-22 season with 27 points in 68 games. McDonagh has 26 points in 71 games. it doesn’t look bad …

But Petry had 40 and 42 points in 2019-20 and 2020-21. McDonagh? 12 points per season! Advantage Petry.

Both defenders averaged 20 minutes per game last season. McDonagh, however, won the Stanley Cup in 2020 and 2021, having also been a contender for the Conn-Smythe Trophy in 2021 according to Jon Cooper. McDonagh Advantage.

However, many (other) arguments favor Petry.

He is a defender whose first quality is offensive (unlike McDonagh, who is said to be more responsible).

He is right handed (unlike McDonagh, who is left handed). Good right backs are rarer in the NHL.

He has one year less contract than McDonagh ea hit cap $ 500,000 less than the new defender of the Pred.

He finished the season with nine points from seven games. He seemed to orient himself under the orders of Martin St-Louis (and far from Dominique Ducharme).

He was still the most used right-handed defender by his coach, while McDonagh was the third most-used left-handed defender only in Tampa in playoffs. #Hedman #Sergachev

Although his final season is at first glance a cause for concern for any GM of the Bettman circuit, due to his performance on ice and his attitude / character / leadership in the turmoil – there is room for to believe that Jeff Petry’s worth is (at least A BIT) higher than that of Ryan McDonagh.

Supporters of the Canadiens can therefore hope to see the Canadiens gain more than one hope Grade C and a player between NHL and AHL in exchange for Petry …

But unless you hold back part of Petry’s salary – for three years, which would be very restrictive – or take a hefty contract in exchange for Petry, we can think that CH # 26 won’t bring the moon to the Canadian. Although several speakers reiterate that Petry’s value is still good and that it won’t necessarily be difficult to trade Jeff Petry…

Is the data encouraging? Kent Hughes is not as rushed as Julien BriseBois with his impact defender. You know as I do that if you are not in a rush to sell, you will almost always get a better price for your items Market. While you’ll never get double a rushed version of yourself, hehe.

To remain than if Hughes hadn’t moved on the evening of July 13 it will be much more difficult for him to complete a transaction involving so much money accounting. Big deals almost all completed before the free agent market opened in the new NHL accounting. Erik Karlsson, Max Pacioretty and Jack Eichel are exceptions that prove the rule, not the rule itself.

Hughes must hope that John Klingberg (Dallas) and Kris Letang (Pittsburgh) get full agency freedom on July 13. That would give him two potential clients to accommodate a right-handed offensive defender like Petry …

For now, we’re entitled to a trade involving Ryan McDonagh that’s hurting Canadiens fans due to its effect on Jeff Petry’s worth. This isn’t the first time a deal involving Ryan McDonagh has hurt us, though …

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