Jean-François Houle’s turn to compliment Kaiden Guhle


Kaiden Guhle is one of the Canadian’s best hopes, everyone agrees on that. In my opinion, only Juraj Slafkovsky is ahead of him in the hierarchy of potential clients, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

One thing is certain, though: Guhle has impressed since CH selected him in 2020. That doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily have a great career, but it’s a good sign. Today it was the turn of Jean-François Houle, coach of Laval Rocket, to congratulate him.

Guhle’s compliments are nothing new. What’s interesting, however, is that Houle will likely be his coach next season. Yes, the young defender could get a few games in the NHL, but I expect him to spend most of the season in the American League. There is no point in skipping steps, especially as the Habs are likely not going to be very, very competitive this year.

What strikes me is that the same comments often come out. A mature young man who has a good head on his shoulders and is an excellent leader.

I remind you that we are talking about a young man of 20 years …

Some say Guhle reminds them of a young Shea Weber. I don’t like making this kind of comparison because it puts enormous pressure on the young man. And I can’t even say Guhle looks like 20-year-old Shea Weber, since I don’t remember that time.

But I can say that their playing style is similar. They sound good, they are simple and they are difficult to deal with. Will Kaiden Guhle become the number one defender of the NHL like Shea Weber was? I have no idea. But I will be extremely surprised if he does not at least become a defender capable of playing in the top 4 of a winning team.

Houle also talks about Justin Barron and Jordan Harris in this segment, but he admits that he knows less well. It’s a situation that should be resolved shortly, as I expect both Harris and Barron to spend time with the Rocket this season.

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