Jake Allen’s warrant


Jake Allen will not be the savior and is the first to recognize him.

We are not replacing Carey Price.

And Allen doesn’t have the resources of his teammate.

Does this mean that the Canadian and the Jeff Gorton / Kent Hughes duo have to start looking for a high-level goalkeeper right away?

They have to do it, but without rushing anything.

In any case, there are no gatekeepers in the market capable of exerting the impact that Price has had within the organization.

The Canadian will have to find and develop a goalkeeper who will change that. For now, Allen’s role is to protect the fort. And the Canadian’s decision makers, in the current context, must also offer the opportunity for Cayden Primeau and Samuel Montembeault to stand out and do it convincingly.

We must always keep in perspective that a recovery plan is very often based on the performance of a goalkeeper.

Would the Rangers have progressed so quickly without Igor Shesterkin, the quintessential goalkeeper with a contract for another three seasons priced at $ 5,666,667?

Tampa Bay Lightning grew faster than expected with a goalkeeper like Andrei Vasilevskiy.

Level 1 Guardians are very often the lifeline of any good development program.

Jake Allen can’t tell the difference, but for now he wants to be an alternative for the coach. He is a good veteran, highly respected by his teammates, a goalkeeper who will draw on his resources in every game.

An overestimation

One can always wonder about the lengthy negotiations between the Dallas Stars and goalkeeper Jake Oettinger. Why did you wait so long before accepting the guard’s requests?

Simply because general managers are increasingly reluctant to give big contracts to a goalkeeper or skater who has just played a spectacular first season.

Jake Oettinger scared the Calgary Flames last spring. His team lost in seven games.

How will he react now? Will he be able to repeat his exploits from last year?

We hope so because the Stars have two players who play with contracts close to $ 10 million per season: Jamie Ben ($ 9.5 million) and Tyler Seguin ($ 9.85 million). Two veterans who have had no impact on their training for two years.

Additionally, Jason Robertson, 41 goals last year, by far their most productive striker, has not yet renewed his contract for next season. The Stars only have $ 7 million to spend …

So JT Miller was able to convince the Vancouver Canucks executives that he could make a difference. At 29, he was granted a seven-year contract for $ 8 million per season.

A risk? In the current context it is a good investment. After all, he was the great leader of his team last year. And let’s not forget that the salary cap should increase significantly in the coming seasons …

Henderson: the hero

We should take advantage of the 50And anniversary of the Super Series to acknowledge that Paul Henderson, who scored three wins in the last three games played in Moscow, deserves his place in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

The debate has been going on for several years.

Throughout my years as a member of the selection committee, every season, Henderson’s name has fueled our discussions.

He had a great career in the National League, but not enough to earn a place in the Hall of Fame.

The question then was: should we make room for him after his incredible feat in the Century Series?

Serge Savard, a former member of the selection committee, told 91.9 Sports airwaves on Friday that he wants members to grant him this privilege.

I admit that after all these years I have asked myself a question.

What impact did it have on the National League? Not enough to get a place in the Hall of Fame.

However, what impact did it have on your sport?

His three goals in 1972 made hockey history, so his entry shouldn’t cause too much controversy …

The quick

I imagine Boston Bruins goalkeeper Jeremy Swayman’s advisers took several notes on the Dallas information and negotiations involving the Stars and Jake Oettinger.

Four million dollars a season is very tempting for a player with only two years of experience. Something to make Don Sweeney jump …

Kane and Toews listen

The names of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are circulating throughout the championship. It is speculated whether the two veterans will ask to leave the organization following changes made by new general manager Kyle Davidson.

Now the latter claims to have had several meetings with the two veterans and “I sincerely believe that they have accepted our recovery project and say they are very happy to be at the center of discussions on our business model”.

It is an interesting comment. Both players are happy, but should Davidson receive a tempting offer, we can be sure Toews and Kane won’t refuse to go with a top-tier team …


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