If the Canadian chooses Shane Wright, he could really play for OHL in 2022-2023


Shane Wright? Juraj Slafkovsky? Logan Cooley? Who will be the first choice of Canadians? The mystery remains intact.

Any clue can lead us to Wright or Slaf, which are the two most likely options. Every detail or statement allows us to believe in a particular result.

Take, for example, Wright. The fact that Martin St-Louis spoke to him and Vincent Lecavalier shared his point of view on an enlisted boy with him got people talking. Does he mean that the CH will bring him out?

This means he is a candidate.

Juraj Slafkovsky did not have dinner with the Canadiens al combined, but he had two encounters. Tomorrow he will speak with the Canadian again, which will not be the case with the others.

Cooley has none of this.

Don’t read too far as these are clues and not truths. That doesn’t mean Wright, who appears to have gotten the best “treatment” from the Canadiens, will be the lucky one.

Also, speaking of Wright, he sees himself playing in the NHL next year.

The question, however, is whether Wright (assuming he’s the number 1 pick overall) would go straight to the NHL.

Normally, top picks do, but we’ve seen Owen Power (Buffalo’s top pick in 2021) play a year in the NCAA after being drafted. And we know Cooley is going to college next year.

The CH thinks long term. If Wright is expected to be the best player in five, seven and 10 years, he will be the choice. If Slafkovsky is judged to be helping the Canadian cause the most (even if he is not a center like Wright), he will be chosen.

And next year will be less important. At what point? To the point that we seem to be wondering, according to Jeff Marek, if Wright could play another year in the OHL in 2022-2023.

The fact that the youngster missed a year of development could harm his arrival in the NHL. Would we cry too much if Wright were to go back another year downstairs? I do not know.

But if it helps in the long run, it’s worth thinking about. Breaking everything down could also help him develop.

Lot of

– To notice.

– Kris Letang is likely to return to Pittsburgh. Less safe for Evgeni Malkin.

– Jack Hughes will be on draft with his entire family … except his father, of course.

– A great challenge.

– The former shark loves the Blue Jays.


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