“I had to go up the stairs and I was out of breath” – Andre De Grasse | Athletics World Championships 2022


Andre De Grasse recently returned to full training after a second bout of COVID-19 disrupted a season that was finally gaining momentum.

He said he suffered from symptoms, including shortness of breath. The moment was frustrating as she was recovering her form after a foot injury earlier in the season.

I was sleeping on the second floor so I had to walk up the stairs and I was out of breath. I felt like this for the first couple of days. And even once I got back into training, trying to run, just trying to catch my breath, it really hurt a little. I panicked a bit.

A quote from André De Grasse

The 27-year-old Ontario sprinter from Markham was slowed earlier in the season by an injury affecting his right big toe and sole of his foot.

As the World Cup is scheduled for the start of the season, he first raced to assess where his preparation was, knowing he still doesn’t have enough training to be at 100%. He finished 9th at Eugene’s Prefontaine Classic at the end of May.

Less than three weeks later, he won in front of a strong field to win the Diamond League in Oslo with his best time (10.05s) of the season. So, he tested positive for COVID-19 and was forced to withdraw from the Canadian championships.

Andre De Grasse was limited just to the finish line.

Photo: dpa via Getty Images / STEFAN WERMUTH

De Grasse spent three days in bed and isolated from her partner Nia Ali, who has had her own trials in the United States for the worlds.

I was pretty depressed, he admitted. And that first week of training, when I got back, I wasn’t feeling well. Lungs, wheezing. It takes a lot to recover. I was coughing, tired, stuff like that.

De Grasse plans to compete in the 100 and 200 and 4 x 100 m, as he did at the 2016 and 2020 Olympics. He has won medals in every event, making him the male Olympic athlete in sports and has been the most decorated in the country. . He also raced all three at the World Championships in 2019.

The program makes 10 days exhausting as there are three rounds for the 100 and 200 meters. The competition will start with the first round of 100 meters on July 15th.

I’m trying to regain my strength for the 200m, he said in a telephone interview on Monday. Right now I hope to do double, but the decision for the 200 will be made there.

One day at a time

Last month’s US tests on the same track as Hayward Field that will host the World Championships resulted in incredible lap times. Fred Kerley won the 100 meters in 9.77, in a final in which all participants exceeded 10 seconds.

Athletics Canada manager Glenroy Gilbert believes that De Grasse’s ability to perform when the stakes are high will help Eugene.

Andre isn’t the kind of guy who needs a lot of practice, Gilbert said. He is competitive. We know it. And as long as he’s confident in the work he’s done to get to Eugene – and he’s fast on this track (from Hayward Field), it’s important to remember – I think he’ll be fine. .

De Grasse considers himself well prepared, at least mentally, for the major international competitions.

I have experience that I can use to my advantage. I’m used to the pressure of these big eventsHe said.

De Grasse and Ali will compete together in their third World Championship, an extraordinary feat for Ali, who is the mother of three children. The American, three times world champion in the 100 hurdles, has a son Titus, she and De Grasse have a daughter Yuri and a son Kenzo, born in May 2021.

She herself struggled a bit this year trying to come back, added De Grasse. I’ve seen (the American trials) on television. It’s nice to see you back there.

The couple will have all three children with them in Eugene, along with their two mothers who will take care of the three.

Meanwhile, De Grasse said his training is improving every day.

I have two weeks, one day at a time, 1% every day. I’m recovering my energy, the training is going well.


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