I forgot my Windows 10 login password – How to reset


In this article, I’ll show you “I forgot my Windows 10 login password”. Microsoft introduced Windows 10 with tons of innovative features and specifications that were beyond our imagination. But one thing that’s missing from Windows 10 is not giving us the option to reset the admin password in case we forget it. That’s true if you’re trying to use your PC and suddenly realize you’ve forgotten your password, there’s no way to reset it other than by reinstalling the system again. But it could dismantle all the important data and documents in your computer making it completely blank.

What if you forget your Windows 10 password? Well, we have done a lot of research and found quite functional and decent solutions that could help you recover your Windows 10 password without reinstalling the operating system or deleting files from your system. In this tutorial, we will expose and reveal some techniques that will help you recover your Windows 10 password.

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I forgot my Windows 10 login password

Method No. 1: Reset your Microsoft account password

Microsoft accounts are the expired account type in Windows 10, so if you use your Microsoft account to password protect your computer, you have an advantage. You can reset your Microsoft account password and it will automatically reset your Windows 10 computer password. Check the steps below on how to reset your Microsoft account password.

Step 1. Open a web browser and go to the Microsoft account reset page (

2nd step. Now select “I forgot my password”And press Next. On the next page, enter your Microsoft account details and click Next.

I forgot my Windows 10 login password How to reset it

Microsoft Live account password reset

Step 3. Then, choose how you would like to receive the one-time security code. (You can get the code on your email or phone number)

Step # 5. Enter the one-time security code and click “Next”. Set a new password for your Microsoft account and save the changes.

I forgot my Windows 10 login password How to reset it

Reset your Microsoft account password

Point: When you change your Microsoft account password, it automatically changes the password for all Microsoft related services like Skype, Outlook, Xbox, etc. Then use the new password to sign in to all relevant Microsoft services.

Step # 7. Finally, turn on your locked PC and use the new password to log into your PC.

The drawbacks:

  1. It does not work with local administrator account.
  2. The useless method if you don’t remember your email associated with Microsoft.
  3. It requires a typical level of IT proficiency to implement this process.

Method No. 2: Reset Windows 10 password using UUkeys Windows Password Mate.

For a local Windows account, the above method will not work. You need to use third party apps to reset or remove the password. Windows Password Recovery UUkeys is a wonderful and amazing program which is used to restore forgotten Win10 password. It literally removes the password from the login screen, making it much easier to log into your computer without entering a password.

It is guaranteed that no information will be deleted from your computer and you will be able to use your computer as before when you were locked. It works on all Windows computers and laptops and has successfully removed passwords from an indefinite number of computers. Let’s show how to use this program to reset Windows 10 password –

Step 1. Download the software to a separate working computer with administrator privileges.

2nd step. Open the downloaded files and install the program by reading the installation instructions. The installation process is quite simple and basic.

Step 3. Launch the tool on your computer to see the main interface of the software and insert a USB drive into your computer. Preferably with more than 1GB of storage to keep everything running smoothly.

Step 4. Then, choose the name of the USB flash drive from the drop-down options and click “Burn USB”.

How to reset Windows 10 password, you can reset it in two ways ...

UUKes Windows Password Mate

Step # 5. After the burn process is complete, eject the USB flash drive and insert it into the locked computer.

Step # 6. Keep pressing F8 or the boot menu key until you see the boot menu and choose the USB flash drive to boot from and wait for the UUkeys program to load on the boot screen.

Step # 7. From there, you need to choose the operating system you are using. Select the username currently locked out. Click “Reset password” and wait for the process to complete. Click “Restart” and enjoy!

I forgot my Windows 10 login password How to reset it

UUKes Windows Password Mate

That’s it, you can now restart your computer to find that the password has completely disappeared from your computer.


Resetting your Windows 10 password has never been easier with the UUkeys program. It is an absolutely fabulous tool that can bypass any Windows computer logon screen. Simply follow the shared steps in this tutorial and you should be able to reset any password, whether you’re using a laptop or computer. But remember to re-create a new password for your computer once you gain access to the system to avoid any suspicious activity on your PC.


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