Huawei App Gallery improves its brain training game


More than 2.8 billion active mobile gamers around the world benefit from improved memory, greater problem-solving skills and enhanced learning by developing multiple skills for today’s digital world. There’s no denying that mobile games can help train your brain in ways you never thought possible.

In the past, the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store were the go-to sources for apps to flex logic and strategic thinking skills. However, since it is no longer available on new Huawei phones, due to US sanctions against the company, Huawei has beefed up its app gallery and now offers a variety of mobile games in the category.

Check out some of the best logic, puzzle and strategic thinking games, provided by Huawei Mobile Services:


Water and cups

“Water and Cups” is a casual puzzle game that has garnered a lot of interest in recent weeks. It’s an easy and fun title for casual gamers, but it also offers some tricky levels for more serious gamers. The principle is that you have to click to collect different colors of water in the same tube. You can only pour water of the same color over each other, and the hose has enough space to start pouring the water. This is a great little matching game that will keep you busy for hours by strengthening your problem-solving skills.

3D sushi roll

Combining food and creative thinking are two things “Sushi Roll 3D” does exceptionally well. Slice, dice and roll for sushi success in this satisfying cooking game. The more sushi you roll, the happier your customers will be and the more money your restaurant will make! Even better, you can unlock new actions as you progress to add tons of exciting new mini-games to your gaming experience. Work with classic ingredients from fish, rice, and seaweed and earn special toppings as you leftover, including chili, durian, and caviar. Who said puzzle games can’t whet your appetite?

DIY phone case

As the name suggests, “DIY Phone Case” is designed for those of us who want to unleash our creativity. It’s a cute little title for gamers who want to create a unique case design and decorate it. Creating cases can be quite an interesting and fun process. Share your creations with your friends and family. Find out which of you can design the craziest phone case.

wooden block puzzle

“Wooden Block Puzzle” is another new 2022 title that has attracted a lot of attention. For the older ones, think of Tetris but without the colors to get an idea of ​​what this game has in store for you. It challenges you to insert blocks of different shapes into a 10 × 10 grid. Improve your logic skills and refresh your mind with what will probably be one of the most addicting puzzle games of the year.

Solitaire card game

What would a troubleshooting game rundown be without the classic “Solitaire Card Game”? Simply the best solitaire game on the market, it features a beautiful and simple interface that is guaranteed to keep you playing for hours. Easily switch between landscape and portrait screens to suit your unique play style.

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