How to write an email with Cortana on Windows 11/10


Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana just debuted Windows 11/10 and that certainly means a lot to users. Since desktops or laptops are the epicenter of our work, we tend to organize our schedule and plan our work for the day on our PC.

Cortana was one of the wittiest personal assistants I’ve ever met and manages to score brownie points on the service front too. The “Please call me back” it’s something I’ve been using for a long time on my Windows phone (and now Android!) and Cortana has always met my expectations.

Fortunately, Microsoft hasn’t just brought Cortana to Windows 10 PCs, but has made some changes so that the digital assistant is customized to meet the needs of the PC user. That said, Cortana on PC can perform all the tasks of its mobile counterpart, but it can also help you find files, access Microsoft Edge hands-free, and integrate with other apps for a truly seamless experience. In addition to all the features mentioned above, Cortana is capable of performing another powerful function of write and send new mail.


Use voice commands to write emails using Cortana on Windows 11

Use voice commands to write emails using Cortana on Windows 11

To use voice commands to write emails using Cortana on Windows 11, follow these steps:

  1. Press Win + S and search for Cortana in the search field.
  2. Click the microphone icon and speak write an email.
  3. Type the recipient’s email address or say it as a voice command when prompted.
  4. Speak the body of the message after clicking the microphone icon.
  5. Click the microphone icon again and speak send.

It will send the email to the selected recipient.

Write and email with Cortana

We’ll walk you through some of the steps that would allow Cortana to compose, edit, and send an email in the blink of an eye, just by using voice commands. The whole task revolves around the feature called “Hey Cortana” which would wake Cortana up and allow you to dictate an email to her.

Enable “Hey Cortana”


Hey Cortana can be activated by clicking on Cortana’s search box on the left side of the desktop, just above the Start menu. Click the Notepad button to access Cortana’s notepad, which it uses to keep tabs on your preferences and interests. The best part is that your preferences and interests would already be synced to your PC if you used it on another device.

Once in Notepad, select Settings and enable the Allow Cortana to reply to “Hey Cortana” option. Once activated, Cortana will respond to your voice, but first walk you through a short reading process just to learn how you speak.

Write an email

All you have to do is say “Hi Cortana, write an email“Then Cortana will ask you to whom you want to send the e-mail, you can say the name of a person or the nickname of the person with whom you have saved his contact in the address book. You can also say the names of several people by separating the addresses with “and”.


Cortana will ask you for the subject, then go ahead and ask you for the content in the body of the email. In case you need to make changes everywhere, just say Making changes and here it is! Cortana will respect your commands.

Cortana will also display a Continue to “Your default mailboxoption and, in addition, it will also help you choose from other email accounts that you have set up in the Windows Mail app.

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Can I dictate an email with Cortana?

Yes, you can dictate an email using Cortana on Windows 11 and Windows 10. You don’t need to use the keyboard to type the email on these operating systems. You can use the Hi Cortana voice command to start using Cortana to write the email. Use the default mailbox to send the email.

Try it and see how you like it!

PS: You can do more with Cortana than just searching!

Use voice commands to write emails using Cortana on Windows 11


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