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Iceberger is a new open source tool that collects data on a user’s Spotify listening habits and organizes their favorite artists into a graph that looks like an iceberg. Icebergify, created by developer Akshay Raj, analyzes Spotify’s data on the top 50 artists a user listens to for a month to several years. It then organizes them based on their popularity or overall obscurity. It will show the most famous artists such as Eminem or Taylor Swift at the top of the iceberg, while more obscure artists, such as Antichrist Siege Machine or Sunstroke Project, will be positioned at the bottom.

Launched in 2008, Spotify is the largest music streaming platform in the world, ahead of Apple Music. The company claims to have 422 million total users, including 182 million subscribers, in 183 markets around the world. Along with 82 million audio tracks, the platform also offers over four million podcast titles, including highly controversial titles, such as Joe Rogan Experience. In addition to an ad-supported free tier, Spotify also offers a paid premium tier that gives users access to exclusive features, such as better sound quality, as well as on-demand and ad-free offline music.

To create a Spotify Iceberg chart, users need to go to the Icebergify official website and press the button Create your own button. On the next page, log into your Spotify account. Once logged in, users will need to allow Icebergify to access their Spotify data to create the chart. Once finished, the site will rank the artists based on their popularity and display the iceberg ranking. To save the so-called “iceberg” on a PC or Mac, right click on the image and save as usual. On a mobile device, long press the image to access To record’. Once the image has been saved to a computer or smartphone, it can easily be shared on social media like any other jpeg image.

Problems with creating an iceberg

Some users complain that they cannot create their iceberg chats despite having full access to the website. Apparently the developer recognizes these problems and advises users to do so “Keep updating the site until the iceberg appears.” If it doesn’t work after several attempts, the developer advises users to clear the cookies and site data for and try again. If all else fails, try another device and see if it works.

According to Icebergify, artist popularity rankings are based not only on the total number of streams, but also on the number of likes, shares, saves, and followers, among other factors. The developer insists that all the artists in someone’s iceberg are people who have listened to on Spotify at some point. Globally, Iceberger is an interesting web application and any Spotify user can use to check the ranking of their favorite artists in terms of popularity on the platform.

Source: Icebergify

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