How to easily translate any site into another language using Google


You can skip language barriers while browsing the web. Whether it’s a site in English, Spanish, Italian or another language, we can instantly translate it into French or the language of our choice thanks to Google Translate on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

We have happened to surf the internet calmly and come across a site that interests us, but which is in a language that we struggle to understand.

It is then that the free Google Translate service becomes a very interesting tool, especially because it is particularly easy to use.

Whether from the browser on our home or office computer or via a mobile device, the procedure is quick and easy.

How to translate a website with Google Translate on your computer

If we want to translate a website with Google Translate from our home computer or laptop, we need:

  1. Copy the full link of the page you want to translate.
  2. Now go to the Google Translate site.
  3. Choose the Websites option at the top of the page.
  4. Select the original language of the site and the language you want to translate it into.
  5. In the text bar in the center of the page, paste our link you copied earlier.
  6. Press the blue arrow to the right of this box.

Well, it doesn’t get any more complicated than that! Google will immediately display the site you want to see in the language you want.

Google Translate website how-to overview

The procedure for translating a web page with the Google Translate site.

Note that there is also the Google Translation extension for the Chrome browser which makes translating much easier.

If we use a browser other than Chrome on our phone or tablet, the solution of using the computer version remains the option that works every time.

However, the advantage of the web version is that you can also translate words, a sentence and even text files such as Word, Excel and PDF.

How to translate a website with Google Translate on your phone or tablet

For phones or tablets with a Chrome browser, the recipe is even simpler:

  1. With the Chrome browser, go to the site to be translated.
  2. Press the three vertical dots at the top right to bring up a menu.
  3. Select the option To translate…

overview as Google Translate mobile Chrome

The procedure for translating a web page on mobile with the Chrome browser.

The service will automatically detect the language of the site and display it in the language of our choice.

If Google does not display our site correctly, we can easily tell them the original language and the one in which to translate the page through the option that appears at the bottom of the page.

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