How to delete a Spotify account


Spotify is an excellent streaming music and podcast player, with over 82 million tracks and 3.2 million podcasts.

The ad-supported subscription makes Spotify a very attractive prospect for those of us who can’t justify another subscription service. What if you are already registered and want to cancel? Maybe you are tired of hearing the same mixes, you have given up on borrowed music or you have started cycling to work and want to enjoy the sounds of nature instead.

Spotify wants your money (or your data and ad revenue, in the case of a free account), so what obstacles do they put in place to keep you signed up? No fear. In this article, we are looking at how to cancel your premium or free Spotify account.

You’ll have to cancel in a browser … seriously

Unfortunately, you cannot manage or delete a Spotify account from Android, iPhone, Mac or Windows apps.

You need to delete the account from the account management page in a web browser. You can delete your account using a mobile browser, but the easiest way to delete your Spotify premium account is to log into Spotify using a web browser on a desktop or laptop, and that’s the method this guide focuses on.

The Spotify mobile app does not provide easy access to the account management page. The best way to access the account management page on a mobile or desktop device is to access it by logging into the Spotify site:

  1. Open your favorite browser, go to and click Login is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Log in to your Spotify account using the credentials of the account you wish to delete. Once logged in, the page takes you to the Spotify web player.
  3. From the web player, open the file Account Overview page by clicking on your account name and selecting the Account option from the drop-down menu that appears.
  4. Scroll down Account Overview page until you see a button that says Change plan.
  5. press the Change plan button. This takes you to the available plans page.
  6. Scroll down Packages available page and press the button with the label Cancel the size.
  7. On the page that opens after tapping Cancel Premium, scroll down and tap the button that says continue to cancel.
  8. After pressing continue to cancel, Spotify presents you with another page to try to keep your membership. Scroll to the bottom of this page and tap continue to cancel again.
  9. On the final confirmation page, Spotify presents you with two buttons: Yes, cancel And Go back to the account. To select Yes, cancel to cancel.

After confirming the cancellation, Spotify presents you with a slightly funny and emotionally manipulative joke, supposedly designed to change your mind about the cancellation.

By clicking on the Go back to the account The button ejects you to the home page and presents you with the expiration date of your premium membership, with an option to resume the premium membership if you wish. After that date, your account is restored to a free account, where you can continue listening without the subscription fee, and if you wish you will need to follow the free account cancellation procedure (detailed later in this article). .

If you want to delete your premium account from the beginning, please contact customer support and request account deletion.

As with any customer service request, there’s no telling how long it will take, so it might be best to downgrade to a free account and then delete the free account yourself.

How to cancel Spotify Premium on Android and iOS

The cancellation procedure on a mobile device is similar to that on a desktop in that it must be performed in a web browser, regardless of the device. The process is visually distinct, so let’s take a look at how to cancel Spotify on your Android or iOS device.

Spotify does not provide any way to access the account management page from the app, so to start deleting, open your favorite web browser, go to and log into your account. Once logged in, follow these steps:

  1. From the Spotify web player, tap on the little gear in the top right corner of the page to open the Settings menu.
  2. In the Settings menu, tap See the account to open your account overview page.
  3. On Account Overview page, scroll down and touch Change plan to see available plans.
  4. On Packages available page, scroll down and touch Cancel the size under the spotify for free section. The webpage opens a page that shows you what benefits you will lose and how your experience will change.
  5. After reading the Spotify retention documents, scroll down and tap continue to cancel to go to the next page where Spotify shows you again the alternatives of the shared account to the Premium plan to which you are subscribed.
  6. Scroll down the shared accounts page and tap continue to cancel again to access a final confirmation page.
  7. On the cancellation confirmation page, tap Yes, cancel to confirm your cancellation.
  8. After canceling your Spotify Premium subscription, a page with a short questionnaire is displayed explaining the reason for canceling. Your paid subscription is already closed, so you don’t have to answer these questions if you don’t have time. You can scroll to the bottom of the page and tap following or you can tick the appropriate answers and press Send to continue.

Once your premium plan is closed, you are left with an active, ad-supported free Spotify account. It might seem like there’s nothing wrong with leaving your free account open, but if you don’t plan on using the service in the future, it could be a minor security risk. According to the privacy policy, Spotify will retain your user information “for as long as necessary to provide you with the Spotify service and for Spotify’s legitimate and essential commercial purposes.” This means that any data associated with your Spotify account can essentially be kept forever, as long as Spotify can justify it as legitimate business use.

If you are privacy conscious, close your free Spotify account after canceling your Premium subscription.

Spotify, like the premium account, does not allow users to cancel the free subscription from any app. This must be done via a web browser. We walk you through the cancellation process on a desktop browser, but you can follow the same steps on a mobile device.

Closing a free Spotify account is slightly different from the process used to cancel a premium account. However, for your convenience, you can start with Spotify’s web player (follow the premium cancellation process until step 2 is complete). Once connected to the web player, follow these steps:

  1. Access the support page by selecting Support at the top of the page.
  2. On the support page, find and click the call option Account settings.
  3. To select Closing your account on the account settings page. Spotify walks you through five steps to close your account.
  4. Click it Close your account button on the page that says “Are you sure you need to close?”
  5. Spotify asks you to confirm that the correct account has been closed. Verify your information and click To continue button. This takes you to a page titled “What You Need to Know”, which outlines all the information that will be lost.
  6. On What do you want to know page, click To continue button. Spotify will send you an email confirming the cancellation.
  7. Go to your inbox and search for an email from Spotify with the subject “Please confirm that you want to close your Spotify account”, then open that email.
  8. In the Spotify email, click close my account button to confirm the deletion.
  9. Spotify shows you a page and sends you a rather disappointed email confirming your cancellation and offering you a chance to reconsider.

If you are unable to close your Spotify account or cannot find the option, Spotify recommends contacting customer service and asking them to delete the account.

You are now without Spotify!

Congratulations! You are now free to explore your options. If you want a service that offers high resolution audio, Ouzel and Apple Music are solid choices, there is also Deezer but the free mode will blow your mind! Commercial volume has tripled to make sure you hear it correctly.


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