How to defeat the Spirit of the Ulcerated Tree in Elden Ring


How to defeat the Spirit of the Ulcerated Tree in Elden Ring

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Ulcerated Tree Spirit is a boss you will encounter in Elden Ring and an enemy you will discover in the world. All Elden Ring bosses prevent different challenges and can be difficult to defeat. Here are all the tips and tricks you’ll need to put Ulcerated Tree Spirit to death.

There are two boss variants of the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, as well as 4 non-boss variants that can be found in the open world. Open world variants can be defeated when found as you should be close to the recommended level for the area. For the boss variants, the recommended levels are as follows:

  • Limgrave: Tomb of the Fringefolk Hero – Recommended level 40
  • Mountaintops of the Giants: Giant’s Mountaintop Catacombs – Recommended level 100

Ulcerated Tree Spirit will always release a Golden Seed, used to power up your Flask. While the Boss variants will also release additional items. Despite the difficulty, these tough enemies are worth defeating.

General advice on the spirit of ulcerated trees

  • Melee builds should hug the boss side.
  • Avoid blocking. Dodging timing is key.
  • If you fight in the open world, use Torrent.
  • Fire or freezing are very effective.

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Mechanics of the spirit of the ulcerated tree

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit attacks in a serpentine motion, sliding around the boss arena. There are many variations of this boss in Elden Ring, however they all have the same attacks and mechanics. The boss is extremely aggressive and will constantly move throughout the fight. Using Invisibility Frames on your shots is more effective than blocking these attacks due to their immense size and high stamina consumption when blocking.

The Ulcerated Spirit of the Tree has vaguely two phases. In the first phase, he will mainly use physical attacks such as head popping, claw claw slapping, running or biting you. The main attack to avoid is Roar And Bite. The ulcerated tree spirit will roar and blow up before turning and attempting to bite the player. If caught in the bite, this attack can shoot most players. You’ll need to time your shot when the ulcerated tree spirit turns into a bite.

During the second phase of the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, it will use all the same attacks but will also have an explosion. This holy fire attack will cover the surrounding area near the boss before exploding with damage. This attack is hard to dodge, but you can dash out of its reach (or use Torrent if you’re fighting in the open world).

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