his ability to “train individually” makes Jonathan Drouin happy


Jonathan Drouin is out of date. Recall that he signed a six-year contract ($ 33 ​​million in total) with Marc Bergevin in 2017.

Here we are after five years. In a year, Drouin will have to sign a new agreement. We all know that he will not have a contract worthy of his current deal and it is logical to think that he will be somewhere else than in Montreal. He too is aware of it.

Will it be through a professional process, as Jean-Charles Lajoie suggested yesterday?

Meanwhile, Drouin is a member of the Montreal Canadiens and everyone wants to see him recover. We don’t know if it will be possible since we have been waiting for the moment when he will really recover for a long time, but we all want it (in particular) to see him continue to do well as a man.

In the eyes of the headmaster concerned, as Martin Lemay (BPM Sports) told yesterday, if he manages to stay healthy he can have good statistics. He repeated it a couple of times during the interview.

Learning to live with your wrists and knowing how to adapt to his new reality on and off the ice will be fundamental to his success, he who is strongly involved in the CHUM foundation. He has also raised more than $ 3 million for the cause over the past five years.

But now he knows he has to take care of his body, but also of his head. He is more aware than ever of the importance of his mental health (which is good for the young family man right now).

After all, he will hear a lot about his contract and how his performance is more important than ever over the next few months – and it will be okay to talk about it. Drouin will have to keep doing just what he has to do and not be bothered by outside comments.

Among the people who will be able to help him move to the next level, we have to name the coach Martin St-Louis.

The Canadiens manager only played two games last year with Drouin due to his wrist, but now that the # 92 is healthy, he should have more time to work with him. And that’s good because Drouin told Mario Langlois (98.5) yesterday that he loved the way the former Tampa Bay Lightning legend works.

What the Quebecer likes about his new coach is his unique way of working with the boys on an individual basis. When he did it in the beginning, many said it would pass, but obviously it’s a working method that is here to stay.

And Drouin likes it because he’s not like the boy next door, he says.

I have rarely had a coach who can train individually like that. Each player is different. This is how he sees it. –Jonathan Drouin

Having the perspective of St. Louis helps him see things he couldn’t see in the past. After all, MSL sees things differently and that’s why (specifically) the CH brought it.

Note that he said he was sad for Dominique Ducharme and that it was difficult to see him leave.

Drouin, who doesn’t need pressure from others to succeed, knows what to expect. If he can keep himself healthy, he can at least give his GM a chance to have options for him when he expires.

And as it seems to be the most logical option for the player and the club, we have to wish him that the 2022-2023 season goes well for him.

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