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Snapchat is currently testing a paid subscription: Snapchat +. The service will allow you to benefit from exclusive features. Here is an overview of the offer.

Snap Inc., the American company behind Snapchat, has just announced the arrival of a paid subscription. Entitled Snapchat +this service will allow its subscribers to benefit from exclusive new features or early access.

When questioned by the media The Verge, Snap Inc. reveals that internal tests are already underway. “We are conducting the first internal tests of Snapchat +, a new subscription service for Snapchatter”reveals Liz Markman, spokesperson for the company.

Specifies that Snapchat + will allow this “Share exclusive, experimental and preview features with our subscribers and learn more about how to best serve our community”.

What features will be integrated into Snapchat +?

The group says nothing else. However, Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer who gained access to the Snapchat + beta, revealed some of the subscription options on his Twitter account, including screenshots.

Among the exclusive options being tested are a new profile badge. This badge makes it clear to your contacts that you are a Snapchat + subscriber.

You will also be able to block one of your contacts as yours best friend. The conversation you are trading in will then be highlighted. Also, you will be able to see where your friend has been in the last 24 hours. Obviously he will have to activate geolocation.

The subscription will also allow you to customize the icon of the Android or iOS application. Subscribers will be entitled to exclusive icons. Finally, you will be able to find out how many friends have seen your Story multiple times.

According to the screenshots, Snap Inc. will offer the Snapchat + subscription to the price of 4.59 euros per month. To reduce costs, you can opt for a 6-month plan for 24.99 euros (-9%) or a 12-month plan for 45.99 euros (-16%).

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The trend of paid subscriptions

With this first paid service, Snap Inc. tries to do it stem the decline in income. The company announced half-auction results for its fiscal second quarter, causing the stock market to crash.

Snap Inc. indicates unfavorable economic conditions, the war in Ukraine, and the new ad tracking framework implemented in iOS 14.5. This Apple-signed device would have helped reduce advertising revenue from Snapchat.

The app isn’t alone in turning to paid subscriptions to maximize its revenue. Last year, Twitter launched Blue, a premium membership that allows you to delete a tweet. More recently, Telegram Messenger announced Telegram Premium. WhatsApp and TikTok are expected to quickly follow in the footsteps of the competition with their own plans.


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