here is the good idea of ​​the Thomson Rheita 100


More than just a security camera, Thomson’s Rheita 100 doubles as a smart outdoor light. A good idea to monitor your home without clashing with its decoration.

Thomson Rheita 100 Rotating Outdoor Security Camera
Source: FRANDROID – Anthony WONNER

The Rheita 100 could have been content with being a simple home video camera to monitor your home. Thomson has gone a step further by including an outdoor light, as well as a host of options for increased surveillance. An all-in-one product that did not fail to convince us as it received a 7/10 during our test. We explain how it stands out from other cameras on the market.

An elegant camera

It’s unexpected, but the Thomson Rheita 100 is a nice security camera. Sturdy, it is housed in a gray metal cylinder, without excessive frills, whose top houses a lamp and the base the rotating optical unit.

Thomson Rheita 100 Outdoor Security Camera
Source: FRANDROID – Anthony WONNER

From a distance it looks like a simple outdoor light. An asset for you, as it will blend with the rest of your decoration without arousing the suspicions of intruders who will be constantly monitored.

Thanks to its design, the Thomson Rheita 100 complies with IP 65 certification, which allows it to withstand rain. It is also capable of operating in extreme conditions as it can withstand temperatures between -20 ° and 65 ° Celsius.

Thomson Rheita 100 micro SD card slot review
The memory card slot // Source: Frandroid – Yazid Amer

Installation on an external wall is simple, provided you have an external power supply. Finally, by flipping the optical block, you have access to an SD card port for saving photos and videos.

Many remotely controllable functions

The essence of a security camera is to monitor. On this point, the Thomson Rheita 100 doesn’t do things by halves. Its motorized optical block, a rare feature in this price range, incorporates a 2 megapixel camera, whose viewing angle is 75 °, capable of shooting in Full HD as in SD, according to your wishes.

Because yes, you can manage the Thomson Rheita 100 directly from your smartphone via the AtHomeSecurity application. You have to go through Wi-Fi and scan a QR code to pair the device. Ergonomic, this app allows you to access the video stream of all your Thomson surveillance cameras, rotate the camera 270 ° to get a 360 ° view or speak through the Thomson Rheita 100 thanks to its built-in speaker.

It is also possible to manually activate the sound or light alarm to scare away a possible intruder.

Thanks to motion and shape detection, the Thomson Rheita 100 is able to distinguish a person from a simple movement of tree leaves. If the camera detects an individual, it will automatically track their movements.

Thomson Rheita 100 Outdoor Security Camera
The 2 Mpx lens films in 1080p with a 75 ° viewing angle // Source: FRANDROID – Anthony WONNER

If detected, you will receive a real-time notification on your phone. You can even access your recording history to view a specific time of day. Of course, it is possible to program weekly or daily monitoring periods.

Its infrared sensor allows the camera to film at night, with a level of detail sufficient to recognize a face at 2 meters. During the day it is possible to recognize a person at 5 meters. You can therefore easily distinguish between a stranger and a loved one who comes home late.

And there was light

The Thomson Rheita 100’s further strength lies in its combination with an outdoor luminaire. It can therefore illuminate your terrace, balcony or garden by monitoring the premises.

The Rheita 100 outdoor surveillance camera with lighting and siren
The Rheita 100 outdoor surveillance camera with lighting and siren // Source: Thomson / Avidsen

For the rest, its brightness is controllable from the mobile application. The intensity of the light at the top of the Thomson Rheita 100 can be adjusted independently of the brightness facing the wall. Its infrared sensor detects a presence from 6 meters away, which allows you to move without bumping into anything and everything in the evening or night.

Outdoor security camera with Thomson Rheita 100 sensor
Source: FRANDROID – Anthony WONNER

As with surveillance, it is possible to define the light ranges during the week.

Versatility as a keyword

Thanks to its excellent detection, its 360 ° viewing angle and its infrared sensor, the Thomson Rheita 100 effectively monitors the outside of your home and knows how to react at the right moment. Its dedicated application allows you to have constant control of the system and not to lose any detail. Integrating a light is a good idea, helping you enjoy your garden at night, with complete peace of mind.

A camera that allows you to see, in all senses, is offered at 199 euros on the Thomson website or at third-party retailers such as Amazon.


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