HBO The Last of Us: release date, actors, plot … Everything we know about the series!


The last of us has long been at the center of gaming news! With the arrival of a remake of the first opus for PS5 (arriving on September 2nd) and the announcement of a standalone multiplayer project, fans of the license have reason to rejoice!

On top of all this, the HBO series on Naughty Dog’s cult license is finalizing, and while many rumors are being heard about it, it’s time to take stock. Here’s everything we know about this highly anticipated production.

A release date?

Unfortunately, the HBO teams didn’t mention a specific release date. However, an output window is set to “early 2023” enough to keep fans hooked. According to Casey Bloys, director of content for HBO and HBO Max, Neil Druckmann (father of the license) had stated during an interview granted to Deadline that “The series will not air in 2022, they are still filming in Canada. I imagine you will see the series in 2023”.

Filming began in 2021 in Calgary, a city located in the province of Alberta in Canada, and is expected to wrap up very soon, if that weren’t already the case. The HBO teams remain very reserved about this.

The last of us part 1

A game-faithful storyline

The story of the HBO series The Last of Us the events of the first license opus will follow by Naughty Dog, adding some new passages, which will add depth to the characters, without changing the overall plot.

We will then follow the adventures of Joel and Ellie, in a post-apocalyptic world, destroyed by the arrival of a fungus called Cordyceps. The latter has turned most of the inhabitants of our dear land into horrible zombies, which our protagonists will have to learn to avoid. As their survival adventure progresses, they will meet endearing characters, who will become like a new family for them in these terrible times.

The last of us part 1

As for the actors …

It is very very heavy! In the program, Pedro Pasquale (Din Djarin in The Mandalorian) will play Joel and Beautiful Ramsey (Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones) will play Ellie. Gabriele Luna (terminator) will play Joel’s brother Tommy and Nick Offerman was announced in the role of survivor Bill. Henry will be played by Lamar Johnson (Showtime is your honor), and Sam’s Keivon Woodard.

Until then, these are characters that seem familiar to us, as we’ve met them in the game. But the HBO series will introduce new faces. The production teams leading the series have revealed that they want it “explore new script paths”and revealed the existence of marlon (Graham Greene) e Florence (Elaine Miles), two original creations. At the moment, not much is known about them other than the fact that they are a surviving couple lost in Wyoming.

The last of us part 1

By early 2023, the HBO and / or Naughty Dog teams will undoubtedly reveal more information about the production. As always, we will be there to keep you updated on all the news from The Last of Us series!


Naughty Dog’s licensed series is in full development and some information has been revealed about the latter, including a visual and two unexpected cast additions. All the news on the HBO series The Last of Us, is here!


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