Has the GM of the Golden Knights opened the doors to Marc-André Fleury?


Earlier this week, Pierre LeBrun linked Marc-André Fleury’s name to Maple Leafs and Avalanche. Fleury, 38 in November, is reportedly planning to play at least one more season in the NHL. And he would like to have a real chance to win the Stanley Cup. Will Fleury accept less money to evolve into a good team?

Savage GM Bill Guerin reportedly asked Fleury if he intended to return to Minnesota before the commencement of draft. That’s tomorrow.

The option of returning to Pittsburgh has also been raised several times in recent weeks, especially if the To think they manage to get along with Kris Letang – it seems that he is in the pocket – and Evgeny Malkin. #Last dance?

Some Canadiens fans would have liked to see Fleury land in Montreal, but the timing it just isn’t there right now. The Canadian begins a rebuild and the uncertainty around Carey Price’s (knee) makes any meaningful signing in front of the net difficult, if not impossible.

What happens to Fleury, then?
The Sorelloi met with his agent Allan Walsh in the Montreal area on Monday evening. No information was leaked following this match.

But now, in the last few hours, we’ve learned two things about the Golden Knights, their goalkeepers … and Marc-André Fleury.

1. The CEO of Knights let it be known that Peter DeBoer, the trainer who fired a few weeks ago was a huge one fan by Robin Lehner, and it is for this reason that MA Fleury has been ruled out at several critical moments in recent years.

Why did you say such a thing publicly? Or McCrimmon wanted to prove to free agents (current and future) that the team’s problems and reputation involved a guy who’s gone (DeBoer) …

Or he wanted to send as a small message that he has nothing against Marc-André Fleury.

2. Robin Lehner and Laurent Brossoit, the only two NHL caliber goalkeepers currently under contract with the team, are injured and will likely not be restored in time for the start of the next campaign.

The Golden Knights are reportedly looking for a veteran goalkeeper to hold the fort with Logan Thompson early in the campaign … and possibly later this year.

You see me coming huh ?

Could the Gold Knights sign Marc-André Fleury? Could Fleury, instead of returning to Pittsburgh, return to Las Vegas?

A priori, one might be inclined to answer Yes.

But when you remember that Fleury’s agent is Allan Walsh, a guy who posted a picture of Fleury with a sword in his back when he was still playing for the Golden Knights And who disparaged the way his client was traded to the Blackhawks last summer, we tell ourselves it’s practically impossible as a scenario.

Is karma hitting the Golden Knights for their many bizarre moves in recent years? It could be…

Will the Golden Knights, who have to fight against the salary cap, be able to reach the playoffs in the coming years? Will Jack Eichel be playing hockey in May at some point?

Certainly Fleury won’t end up in Dallas, hehe. #DeBoer

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