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Vladimir Guerrero junior will never escape the game of comparisons with his father, who made it rain or shine with the Expo uniform. But on Monday, the Toronto Blue Jays slugger took the phrase “like father, like son” to another level.

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In an 11-1 burst Jays won over the Baltimore Orioles, “Vladdy” scored 87And circuit of his young career, at his 403And match.

And how many games did it take your father to hit 87 long balls? Yes, 403 (look down)!

But these identical stats don’t stop there. After 403 major league baseball games, both juniors and seniors had a 0.363 base rate.

So, between son and dad, who will have the best career?

On the left Vladimir Guerrero Jr. during an appearance at bat last September and on the right Vladimir Guerrero then in the uniform of the Expos, in 2003.

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On the left Vladimir Guerrero Jr. during an appearance at bat last September and on the right Vladimir Guerrero then in the uniform of the Expos, in 2003.

First of all, it must be considered that baseball has evolved a lot between the first four seasons of Guerrero’s father (between 1996 and 1999) and the beginning of his son’s career, in 2019.

Gunners took over, greatly increasing the speed of their launches: in 1998, the first year their speed was officially recorded, they averaged 89 mph.

Two decades later, that average jumped to 93.6 mph.

And hitters, on average, hit one less shot per game. The number of homers per game, however, has increased significantly. He averaged 1.07 per game between 1996 and 1999; he has climbed to 1.23 in the past four seasons.

Not so fast!

In this context, the identical statistics shown by “Vlad father” and “Vlad son” after their first 403 games suggest that the son will have a career at least equal to that of his father, who entered the Hall of Fame with the Angels cap from Los Angeles.

But not so fast, says Rodger Brulotte, a baseball commentator for many years and columnist for the Tree trunk.

Because even though Guerrero Jr. is already a superstar in Toronto – and everywhere in the league – he sees him as an athlete who will struggle to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Of course, they have the same statistics in some categories, despite the evolution of the sport. Only that son is lagging behind his father in other columns, including doubles, triples and, above all, stolen bases.

“His father did everything, Mr. Brulotte points out. He stole bases, he was fast, he had a strong arm. He was one of the best outfielders in major league baseball. He has been doing it for years. “


Not the same mold

Jacques Doucet, who has long been the voice of the Expos and who has been describing the Blue Jays games for TVA Sports for several years, adds that father and son are not of the same mold.

“Vladimir Sr. is 6’6” and had a fantastic right arm. His son [de 6 pi 1 po] plays at first base. He is by no means the same type of athlete. Although Vladimir Jr. has greatly improved his agility on first base, ”he notes.

And even offensively, despite having scored many home runs in as many games, the two athletes are very different, he also relaunches Mister Doucet.

“The son hits from afar, but they don’t have the same size or momentum. Vladimir Sr. could jump on a ball four inches off the ground and send it over the other side of the fence. While his son is much more selective. “

One of the best Jay

Vladimir’s son will therefore never be dad’s emulator, except perhaps in some columns of statistics, believe both Mr. Doucet and Mr. Brulotte.

“But he has everything he needs to become one of the best players in Blue Jays history and he knows it,” Doucet said.

It remains to be seen whether he will finish his career with 449 home runs and an average of .318 batting as the Expos’ last major star.

  • Tracks: 87
  • Average appearances on goals: .363

  • Tracks: 87
  • Average appearances on goals: .363


Vladimir Guerrero father and son showing two identical stats after the same number of games in major league baseball strikes the imagination.

But commentator Rodger Brulotte points out that the “junior” is still far from the “senior” in several categories, which testify to the superior athletic aptitudes of the ancient splendor of the Expos.

After 403 MLB games, here are the father and son stats compared in the different offensive categories.

Father Guerrero Guerrero son
From 21 to 24 years old From 20 to 23 years old
1996-1999 2018-2022
Outfielder – Montreal Exhibitions First goal – Toronto Blue Jays
97 doubles 75 doubles
14 triples 5 triples
475 shots 429 shots
266 RBI 250 points produced
27 stolen bases 5 stolen bases
Batting average: 280 Batting average: 284

Sources: reference to baseball and Twitter account of journalist Hector Gomez


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