Grand Prize: François Dumontier, the victim


Yesterday we were entitled to one of the favorite roles of Canadian Grand Prix promoter François Dumontier, that of the victim. The promoter has indeed launched anyone who wants to hear that the villain Montreal Newspaper he persisted in his event, even giving him the impression “of being the pimp number 1 in Montreal “.

It is not the first time that the promoter has adopted this victim strategy to release themselves from responsibility and continue doing what they do best: inaction. Furthermore, during his appearance before the Special Commission on the Sexual Exploitation of Children, he clearly stated that he does not have a part of his budget earmarked for the fight against sexual exploitation.

Yet he knows full well that his event is a magnet for human trafficking for sexual exploitation in Canada. He also admitted, during the commission, that the pimps “do not hesitate to maliciously link their offer of ‘services'” to his event of him.

Faced with this reality, what does this promoter do? Nothing, apart from blaming the media for doing their job and exposing an unacceptable situation. Is there exaggeration or relentlessness? Let’s take a look at some recent numbers …

Demand explosion

In the article by my colleague Valérie Gonthier Posted in The newspaper yesterdayretired policeman Paul Laurier identified online prostitution offering before F1 as he did in 2018. He listed no less than 30,000 active escort ads compared to around 8,000 in 2018. You should know that two major international events took place what a summer in Quebec: the Montreal Grand Prix and the G7 Summit in Charlevoix.

Let’s recap. One event in 2022: 30,000 offers, two events in 2018: 8,000 offers. Today ads are no longer found only on specialized sites, but also invade social networks, be they Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and so on.

So what does the promoter do to return the image of his event? The sidereal void!

Listen to Benoît Dutrizac’s interview with Maria Mourani on QUB Radio:

Action proposals

So we are generous.

Here are three simple and inexpensive proposals for action that the promoter could implement this year that could help him not get the impression that he is “the number 1 pimp in Montreal”:

  1. It shows on the F1 website and at VIP parties, especially in restrooms, the campaign to inform prostitutes that the purchase of sexual services is criminal. It does not cost much.
  2. Set aside a small budget for victims of sexual exploitation.
  3. Join SPVM’s RADAR program, which invites hoteliers and taxi drivers to report cases of sexual exploitation they witness. A short information session could also be offered to all employees.

Contrary to what Tourisme Montréal claims – which claims it can do nothing else to combat sexual exploitation during the Grand Prix – the fight against this scourge is everyone’s business. It is therefore reasonable to expect some action from an organization that manages millions of dollars and whose benefits to taxpayers have yet to be proven.

In the meantime, we are magnanimous, but not blind.


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