Gotham Knights will be “more ambitious” than the Batman Arkham games


Scheduled for next October on PC and next-gen consoles, this return to Gotham promises to be richer than ever if we are to believe WB Games.

Long announced, Gotham Knights it should finally be released later this year, after several postponements. The title developed by WB Games Montreal is one of the most anticipated titles of 2022, the saga Arkham being one of the most popular in recent years. This time there will be no Dark Knight and it will therefore be necessary to defend Gotham City by embodying four heirs of the vigilante: Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and Little Red Riding Hood.

Map, personalization, cooperation … The next generation wants to hit hard

The game’s release is approaching and creative teams are taking the opportunity to increase the pressure. At the microphone of the site Game informer, Fleur Marty and Geoff Ellenor, WB executives of the project, have revealed in particular a number of details about this long-awaited title. We learn that it will offer ” the greatest version of Gotham that has ever been represented in video games “. At the same time very dense and very vertical, the city where the Court of Owls now reigns since Batman’s death should offer a feeling of freedom never before achieved in the saga. Released in 2015, Arkham Knight already offered a map five times larger than the previous opus Arkham city.

It must be said that, in addition to the possibility of flying over the rooftops, the quartet of superheroes can count on the presence of a very useful vehicle for long journeys: the Batcycle. It will also be customizable (noise, colors, etc.). In terms of customization, it should be remembered that every Batman disciple (who will be entitled to a new movie on HBO Max) will be able to opt for even small changes. Everyone will in fact be entitled to 11 styles of costumes in which it is possible to change parts and colors.

A plot based on mourning

More than just a simple action game where you link combos and with a huge map, Gotham Knights above all it promises to shine with its script. In fact, it is announced that the theme of mourning will be of great importance. Furthermore, the death of the Dark Knight is the starting point of the game, as we have seen in the first trailers. It’s simple, this event will be the focus of the intro cinematic and each character will pass this test in their own way. They will have to get along well with their teammates to perpetuate their mentor’s struggle.

And since it’s a matter of alliance, the latest releases from the creative teams were an opportunity to learn that the synergies between the heroes will be very important. Each character will be able to bring something more to their allies, right from the idea of Gotham Knights is to promote cooperation. On the gameplay side, however, do not expect revolutions and the various missions will be playable even alone. For those wishing to know more, other communications are expected before the game’s release, on October 25, on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.


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