GOSSIP! Marc Savard tied to Bruins, Red Wings and Stars


The annual Coaches Carousel has officially begun in the NHL.

Bruce Cassidy was fired by the Bruins, then immediately hired by the Golden Knights ($ 4.5 million per season for five years) …

John Tortorella has been officially nominated trainer Flyers this morning ($ 4 million a season for 4 years) …

And this morning, eight teams are still without a regular coach: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Edmondon, Florida, Seattle and Winnipeg. Will Barry Trotz be tempted by a team (other than the Flyers, who would have offered him $ 7 million a season to be behind the bench)? Will Luke Richardson manage to leave the Canadiens to lead the Hawks? He will soon receive his second interview …

Lately there is a new name among the voices … and I have to tell you, it’s nice to hear someone whose syllables were not chosen by the famous coach bag.

This is Marc Savard.

Jeff Marek recently wondered if Savard’s name would be discussed in the Bruins offices to replace Bruce Cassidy. Savard ended his career in Boston where he enjoyed great success during three four seasons, before playing part of the 2010-11 season and hanging up his skates mainly for health reasons.

Elliott Friedman said he saw a in shape… but he also linked Savard’s name to the Detroit Red Wings. Marc Savard was the coach of the Spitfires in Windsor in 2021-22, a town just across the border.

And even if the rumors about the sending of Peter DeBoer to Dallas are becoming more and more insistent, different fan see Savard land with stars.

How come?

Firstbecause Marc Savard started doing it like it several tweet sending him to Dallas since his Spitfires were eliminated.

According tobecause he wore a green tie in his last game (# 7) at Hamilton.

OK, I admit this is far-fetched, hehe.

Savard will meet (or has already met) some NHL teams in the coming days. Will he be able to convince someone that he is their man?

Note that Savard began his junior hockey coaching career in Ontario. Looks like Martin St-Louis career, hehe …

He was then assistant with the Blues in 2019-20, the year of COVID bubblebefore driving Spitfires for the first time in 2021-22. He was eliminated at the Grand Finals in Game # 7 …

Will he make the leap to NHL next season? That would be a little quick, but if it’s ready, go!

I remember : Marc Savard scored 737 points in 807 NHL games before retiring due to multiple concussions in particular.

Lot of

– The Canadian had to swap (the contract of) Shea Weber. Above all, he has given himself flexibility medium-long term.

– The Canadian will take time with Logan Mailloux, but doesn’t seem to want to get rid of him.

– Vince McMahon has voluntarily handed over his role as WWE CEO to his daughter pending an independent investigation … but he will be at smack down this evening.

– Rafaël Nadal would like to play in Wimbledon and Montreal… if his foot allows it.

– The CF will resume the action decreased.

– Great boxing card to watch on Saturday nights.


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