Google Maps now calculates the toll amount for you


Before you hit the road, Google Maps now shows the total cost of tolls along your route in real time. However, the feature is only available in four countries, none of which are in Europe.

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Users of Google Maps will finally be able to estimate the price of tolls when choosing a route. Google announced the feature’s imminent arrival in April for Android and iOS, but it’s only now that it’s starting to appear according to user feedback, information confirmed by an official publication.

This is a feature that has been sorely lacking Google Maps and which has positioned it behind competitors such as Map o ViaMichelin which has included this information, at least for France, for many years. Waze also added a toll estimate in 2020, based on information shared by its users.

A function limited to four countries

Till now, Google Maps indicated the presence of tolls and offered an option to avoid them, but did not offer an estimate of their cost. Now theapplication view the amount taking into account the subscriptions and the time of day. The information comes directly from the authorities or companies that manage the toll, rather than from user reports. However, at the moment it does not seem possible to see the detail of the toll for each section, the amount corresponding to the total is calculated for the entire section. Furthermore, Google has not indicated when, or if, the feature will arrive on the web version of Maps.

However, users in France will have to wait before they can benefit from it. The feature is currently only available for nearly 2,000 toll roads in the United States, India, Japan and Indonesia. Other countries are expected to arrive “soon”, but Google has not indicated which ones.

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