Google Chrome will increase the autonomy of your PC with this ingenious feature


Google Chrome is actively working on a nifty feature that should improve your laptop’s battery life. We are talking about a significant gain that all browser users should benefit from.

Aware that its web browser is energy-intensive, Google continues its efforts to optimize Chrome’s performance, but also power consumption. A promising upcoming update that has been spotted in Chrome OS, but will benefit Chrome on all platforms.

Google significantly reduces the consumption of Chrome

It is known that Google Chrome consumes a lot of system resources on a machine and affects the autonomy of our laptops. It is by testing version 105 of Chrome OS that the site Learn about Chromebooks identified a significant change with regards to enabling JavaScript on web pages available in the background.

We’re talking about web pages open in the background that you’re not viewing or actively interacting with. Chrome already manages these tabs via a function called “Severe limitation of JavaScript timer reactivations” which prevents pages open in the background from running JavaScript after 5 minutes of inactivity. The new update will lower this limit to 10 seconds.

The idea is that the longer the code can run in the background, the longer the battery life will be. By limiting this run time, it will reduce energy consumption and improve the autonomy of machines using Chrome.

Probably a significant gain in autonomy for your computer

Beyond the technical aspect, the gain in autonomy looks promising. On its Chromium page, Google describes a significant improvement in the endurance of devices using Chrome:

“This should extend the life of the battery. An experiment on the Canary and Dev channels revealed no regressions from our lead metrics and there are significant improvements (around 10%) in CPU time when all tabs are hidden and silent. “

But don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean your laptop will be 10% more durable, but JavaScript code used on web pages you’re not actively viewing will consume 10% less power.

An important nuance, despite the real gain that this should have on the autonomy of the machines that use Chrome. In fact, there is a high probability that many Google browser users have multiple tabs open at the same time while browsing the Internet.

Chrome is still the most used internet browser in the world with a market share of 64.53%, far ahead of Safari which comes in second with 18.84%. In France the gap is a little less marked with 56.4% of Chrome, 20.52% of Safari and 8.52% of Firefox, closing the podium.

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