God of War Ragnarok: finally a release date?


In the daily menu on June 24, 2022, let’s start with Amazon, which wants to get the dead talking. We will continue with a possible release date for God of War Ragnarok. We’ll wrap up with Netflix news, talking about a new subscription on the horizon and announcements ahead of your episodes and movies. The newspaper, let’s go!

The dead return with Amazon

Amazon, the eCommerce giant that is now a giant of many other things, wants to summarize the voices of the dead … They have already succeeded. This happened during the MARS conference as reported by our colleagues at IGN. Amazon has an artificial intelligence called Alexa to assist you every day, as well as doing home automation. The latter managed to read a story to a little boy so that he would fall asleep, but with the voice of the child’s grandmother. Except that the latter passed away. How does it work ? It’s very simple, Alexa can play your voice after listening to it for a minute. Amazon believes that many people have lost loved ones with covid and there is a real need to hear from them again. A little creepy if you ask us. And ethics, let’s not talk about it …

God of War Ragnarok: a leaked date!

The sequel to the game of the year 2018 is increasingly awaited. Some rumors have evoked a State of Play in late June to announce the release date with great fanfare. The Snitch, a new insider on Tweeter who has shown in a month that he has done flawlessly, announcing for example the release date of The Last of Us Part 1, the arrival of the cross-platform remake of Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Kojima’s Overdose game, Persona 3 4 5 in the compilation or Hollow Knight Silk Song in the first day on Microsoft’s gamepass. The guy seems very reliable and recently posted a gif of Kratos on Thursday night. We see a 1, which appears 4 times, then a zero, which gives us 1 1 1 1 0. We can interpret this code as 11/10, or October 11, or 10/11 for November 10. This gives us two possible dates for this much anticipated sequel. Others have enjoyed transcribing this code into binary, giving us the number 30. Maybe we are talking about June 30 for the State of Play. Only the future will tell us.

Netflix: advertising to cushion the fall!

Netflix lost subscribers for the first time: in the latest reports there are 200,000 fewer accounts. To counter this trend, Netflix is ​​working on multiple measures, on several fronts. In addition to sharing accounts between friends, which is undergoing reform, the American car is working on a new path: integrating advertising into the service. However, in 2020, the leaders of the platform strongly opposed it. This advertising integration would not affect current subscribers, who have seen the prices of their monthly installments rise year on year, but a new, cheaper subscription with advertising in return. Whether subscribers will want to pay for advertising remains to be seen …

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