go from disappointment (2021) to development (2022)


Last year, we recall that the Canadiens’ withdrawal was very difficult. After all, the boys were tired of theirs run playoff until July and that had hit the field, a first (and last) under Dominique Ducharme.

Most importantly, it was disappointing as the CH was still trying to win. It was when we saw that nothing seemed right that we said to ourselves that yes, there was a possibility that the start of the season was going to be difficult.

The rest, we know.

I came across a tweet from LP Guy 11 months ago and that’s when you realize how much trouble there was with the team. Situations to be clarified, there were several.

Am I saying everything is clear this season? No, of course not. There are still many points to be addressed in the coming weeks and months.

The difference? This year everything is less serious.

Less serious, given that the direction of the club is clear: we need to grow. And we know this because the club’s top bosses (Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes) are here to stay.

It is different from last year, when Marc Bergevin did not want to clarify his contractual situation.

This ensures that, along with club development, injuries are less severe. Last year it was absolutely necessary to find a way to replace Shea Weber, who could not play.

This year? The CH has time to replace Carey Price in the long run as the goal is not to win now but to make room for the next wave of players. This is true in all positions, but especially on the blue line.

Martin St-Louis, who made an immediate impact in Montreal, will be able to take the time to settle in his duties (with his assistants) and guide the boys through the retreat to lay the groundwork for a season that could be just as difficult as in the 2021-2022 … but of a season that will not surprise like last year,

And here’s the difference: accumulating defeats in retirement will not be as bad as last year, immediately after a Cup final.

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