Gift tips for tech dads


In terms of technology products, the choice is so vast that it is sometimes difficult to find the right gift. All prices are rounded.

A smart watch

With up to 7 days of battery life, the Fitbit Charge 5 smartwatch is super lightweight and can track heart rate, sleep, and workouts. The detail that bothered me when I tried it was the closure of its rubber strap that was sticking to the hair on the wrist, rather unsightly. But it is easy to find more comfortable and elegant bracelets online. Best buy: $ 150

A great watch ... if you replace the rubber band


A great watch … if you replace the rubber band

A wireless speaker

In addition to being wirelessly connected and autonomous for up to 12 hours on battery, the JBL Flip 5 is waterproof (IPX7 rated up to 1m underwater); a perfect diffuser for your free time, traveling for your holidays or for your days in the pool. It is also possible to pair two speakers to give more strength to your outdoor parties.

Seen for $ 120 on Best Buy.

JBL has just launched a new version with more capable speakers; the Flip 6, pictured at the beginning of the article, for $ 170.

The Overturn 5

An air purifier

In spring and summer, doors and windows help to ventilate the house, but they also bring their share of allergens and particles of all kinds. According to producer Filtrete, 9.5 million Canadians suffer from seasonal allergies, with their share of sneezing and coughing.

The technologies that go into the design of air purifiers have come a long way in recent years. Equipped with laser sensors, surgical filters such as HEPA filters that retain 99.97% of suspended particles and other pollen, the recent purifiers connect to a mobile application for remote control.

3M filtered air purifier


3M filtered air purifier

Here are two, Filtrete Smart Air Purifier for rooms of 150 square feet2, seen for $ 295 on or a TCL equivalent (I have one in my apartment). Just choose the model based on the area to be covered, from 180 to 600 square meters.2. And pay attention to the price of replacement filters.

Breeva connected air purifier 5


Breeva connected air purifier 5

A screen that is both a monitor and a UHD TV

Samsung has produced an original display that combines both the computer monitor and the smart TV; the M8 UHD screen (LS32BM80GUNXGO).

Offered in four colors, however, Samsung only offers one screen size; 32 inches Well equipped and very slim, it offers a wired USB-C connection for your computer, functionality and functionality for remote work and video games, video conferencing, and even AirPlay integration for connecting Apple mobile devices. As a television, its ultra-high definition and HDR10 + imaging make it a great screen for entertainment. Of course, its 32-inch size won’t replace your 60-inch TV, but it’ll fit your desk.

Seen on for $ 850.

M8 monitor and TV


M8 monitor and TV

Wireless earphones

So small, but highly technological, the earphones really impress with their efficiency, both for listening to music and for making phone calls. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live earphones feature active cancellation that reduces low-frequency background noise and not great-sounding voices or audio prompts and music.

With its charging box, the autonomy of the headphones reaches 21 hours or 6 hours of continuous listening without its box. Seen from $ 110 on, up to 45% off the black model. And it’s even cheaper on the Samsung Canada site: $ 90! A sign that the manufacturer wants to empty stocks to make room for a new product.

Gift tips for tech dads

At Apple, I love the Beat Fit Pro equivalents that I use for hours every day to eliminate noise and have my hands free on the keyboard or phone. $ 250 on the Apple Store.

Beat Fit Pro earphones


Beat Fit Pro earphones

A drone

The very popular recreational drones can entertain young and old, at home, on vacation or on your sports excursions.

One of the most popular drones is undoubtedly the Chinese DJI Mini 2. Flight time 31 minutes, video transmission up to 10km, stabilized 4K camera, comes with a Best Buy Fly More kit that includes 3 batteries, a charging block for them, an 18W USB charger and a shoulder bag. All for $ 700.

But like many drones from China, precautions must be taken, as pointed out by the Wirecutter website of the New York Times, of which here is an extract of the proposed recommendations.

DJI's Mini2 drone

DJI – Best Buy

DJI’s Mini2 drone

“If you’re still looking for a DJI drone and want it to be as secure as possible, there are a few steps you can take to keep your photos, videos and data locally and not on the manufacturer’s servers.

  • When using a drone, put your phone or tablet in airplane mode or enable “local data mode” in the DJI app.
  • Go to the DJI App Settings to disable app performance and user experience data collection.
  • If you want to avoid using your phone or tablet, you can fly without your device (but you’ll lose the useful video link) or buy the DJI RC Pro controller, which has an integrated display.
  • Save photos and videos only to the drone’s internal storage, microSD card or SSD storage.
  • Finally, don’t use apps and social sites like SkyPixel or Facebook to share drone content. ”

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