Get rewards in Fortnite and Rocket League by playing Fall Guys for free


On the occasion of the passage of Fall Guys in free download, Epic Games has decided to support its release by offering a collaboration with two of its other games, namely Fortnite and Rockey League.

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In fact, it is now possible to get Fall Guys for free on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X | S and One, Nintendo Switch, as well as PC via the Epic Games Store. To bring back a good number of players, Epic Games offers the Clash of Crowns event that will allow you to get rewards in Fortnite, Fall Guys and Rocket League.

How to participate in the Clash of Crowns?

From June 29th until July 12th, players will have to complete the challenges on Fall Guys in order to get the rewards on other games and for this it is best to follow the advice of Epic Games.

Of course, you need to download Fall Guys on the platform of your choice, so afterward, make sure you use the same Epic account on the three games before joining the Blunderdome. Epic Games explains that players do not need to play Fortnite or Rocket League to get rewards and that they will be given when they first log into the game.

  • If you play Fortnite, but not Rocket League, you still earn rewards in Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League.
  • If you play Rocket League, but not Fortnite, you still earn rewards in Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League.
  • If you don’t play Fortnite or Rocket League, you guessed it – you still earn rewards in Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League.

The rewards

To earn the Clash of Crowns rewards, you must therefore complete the Fall Guys rounds and the more complete, the more gifts you get. Since it is difficult to keep track of how many rounds you have completed, Epic Games has developed a Crown Clash site that will allow players to keep track of their progress.

Completed 10 rounds of Fall Guys

  • Fall Guys: 300 Kudos (in-game currency)
  • Fortnite: dripping spray!
  • Rocket League: Colorful Canines Player Banner

Completed 20 rounds of Fall Guys

  • Fall Guys: 500 additional Kudos
  • Fortnite: Love Pile Emoticon
  • Rocket League: colored canine accessory

Completed 40 rounds of Fall Guys

  • Fall Guys: 800 additional Kudos
  • Fortnite: gourmet fork pickaxe
  • Rocket League: Med. Rare wheels

Completed 70 rounds of Fall Guys

  • Fall Guys: An additional 1,000 Kudos
  • Fortnite: bling on the back of the waffle iron
  • Rocket League: Cluster Buster Sticker

Completed 100 rounds of Fall Guys

  • Fall Guys: 1,200 additional Kudos (3,800 Kudos in total!)
  • Fortnite: Captain Gâthomme costume
  • Rocket League: Turbo Fallout

Please note that the rewards will not be distributed as quickly as usual. Epic Games explains that it may take “up to two weeks for Crown Clash rewards to appear in Rocket League or Fortnite. Some players may receive them sooner than others.”

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