Georges Laraque believes Brendan Gallagher will be the next CH captain


Ah, the famous debate of the next Flannel captain …

The discussion has been animated for some time on this topic. Some boys’ names have been cited as Shea Weber’s successors, and the differing views on potential candidates all stand up for themselves.

There are reasons why Nick Suzuki would be a good captain.

There are reasons why Brendan Gallagher would be a good captain.

There are reasons Josh Anderson would be a good captain.

There are reasons why Joel Edmundson would be a good captain.

Virtually everything has been said and all supporters have points to make regarding the names I just gave you. And it is normal: after all, it is a very important role within the most decorated team in the history of the NHL.

Not easy, the task of displaying the “C” on your sweater. Both in Montreal and elsewhere.

We have heard several experts comment on the subject. Some would prefer to see players pick the next captain (including Serge Savard), while others (Jonathan Drouin) believe it is up to management to make the final decision.

Today it was Georges Laraque’s turn to comment on the situation during his show on BPM Sports.

Yes, Brendan Gallagher’s contract is heavy… but the veteran’s presence in the locker room is more than important. He is “the heart and soul of the team”, as Georges explains.

The latter also mentioned that it was Gally who took over in Weber’s absence in front of the media. He showed up on the microphone during tough times for the team … and he wasn’t afraid to do it. What this tells me is that Brendan Gallagher is a true true head.

The radio host and former NHL player went so far as to say that if Gally wanted to land the captain role, the Canadiens “have no choice” to give it due to what he has brought to the club in recent years and the passion he has shows night after night on the ice.

Georges is largely right in his remarks and it is difficult to say otherwise. However, we know that the relationship between the small forward and the referees has never been healthy and this has the potential to affect the choice to be made. This is why it is a bit difficult to decide who is next elected, and that is why the debate emerges so often.

There are some good candidates on the team right now. It remains to be seen what the final decision will be, which will be made by the players or the coaching staff.

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– The question is valid.

– Nice gesture from the Canadian forwards.

– A horror story …

“They don’t lose much.

– Go Carlo!


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