Geoff Molson would not have been present if it had taken place on Monday


We are now in the final moments before the NHL Draft begins. As it stands, knowing who will be choosing the CH in the front row still seems like a mission impossible, but we should officially know around 7:30 pm.

If you knew how happy I am it’s only a matter of time before this is all over …

In the last few minutes we have seen the various aspirants appear on the red carpet to enter the Bell Center. In Shane Wright’s case, it was a thunder applause from those present …

In the case of Juraj Slafkovsky, however, we were entitled to it typhusbut also to whistle.

I hope Wright will be CH’s choice, and Slafkovsky may have taken it well, but it’s a big lack of class, honestly. The young man is having the best day of his life, and while fans like Wright best, there’s no reason to boo a 17-year-old, especially as he could become the Canadiens’ choice in nearly a year. ‘clock…


Speaking of Slafkovsky, we knew that the Slovakian forward met the CH hockey headliners (in addition to Geoff Molson) first, which he confirmed earlier in the evening. .

The bout was supposed to take place earlier in the week (probably Monday), but as Slafkovsky’s arrival in Montreal was delayed, the bout has been postponed until today.

However, as revealed by Guillaume Lefrançois, if the meeting had taken place earlier this week, Molson would not have been present. But he was there today.

Why then Molson, who hasn’t Not did you meet Shane Wright, did you meet Slafkovsky today? It will be because his program has allowed him, but clearly, difficult not to draw a potential connection between the fact that the owner of the team has met only one player while the CH has the first choice in the repechage.

At this time, it may not yet be clear who will be CH’s first pick, but Slafkovsky appears to have a excellent lucky to be that choice.

Clearly, as my colleague Maxime Truman called it this morning, all roads seem to lead to Slafkovsky right now. More than an hour (approximately) before we know whether or not Slovak will be CH’s first choice.

Lot of

– To listen to the latest audio report preliminary draft of my colleague Maxime Truman, is here.

– CH leaders also had their moment on the red carpet. Far fewer whistles for them than for Slafkovsky …

– After Alex DeBrincat, the senators are now watching Jakob Chychrun and Mackenzie Weegar.

Clearly, the Meaning they want to show that they need to be taken seriously next year. Is this a technique to attract Claude Giroux to the city?

– Marc-André Fleury appears to be on track to stay with the Wild (for two years).

– Could the Blackhawks draft Jonathan Lekkerimaki (who I’d like to see in Montreal) with their newly acquired first-round pick (7th)?


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