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Ubisoft is starting to release its blockbusters on Xbox Game Pass. In June, subscribers will be able to enjoy For Honor and Assassin’s Creed Origins. Also in the spotlight is the space opera Chorus or Spacelines from the Far Out. At the end of the Xbox-Bethesda Showcase, the Battle Royale Naraka was announced for the first time on consoles.

Naraka: Bladepoint // Source: 24 Entertainment – Netease


Ahead of its Showcase on Sunday, Microsoft unveiled the first list of expected titles on Xbox Game Pass in June. A short list that clearly suggests that the Summer Game Fest summer appointment will be full of announcements to enrich the catalog of the subscription service. And for this, the American company has also set an appointment on June 14 to unveil other titles that almost fifty have presented at its Xbox-Bethesda conference.

As promised, the first Ubisoft games are appearing, starting with For Honor And The origins of Assassin’s Creed. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will also be able to enjoy a Deluxe Pack for the latter with the addition of the Sea Ambush mission, the Desert Cobra Pack (which includes a suit, two legendary weapons, a legendary shield and a mount) and three skill points.

And Xbox has already added two surprise titles: The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle And Naraka: Blade tip.

Games added in June

  • Already available:
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator – Top Gun: Maverick Expansion
    • No Man’s Sky: Leviathan’s Expedition
    • Sea of ​​Thieves: Lost Sands Adventure (until 9 June)
    • For Honor: Marching Fire Edition (Xbox, PC and Cloud)
    • Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection (Xbox and PC)
    • The origins of Assassin’s Creed (Xbox, PC and Cloud)
    • Choir (Xbox, PC and Cloud)
    • Disco room (Xbox, PC and Cloud)
    • Space lines from far away (Xbox and PC)
  • June 21st:
    • The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle (Xbox)
  • June 23:
    • Naraka: Bladepoint (Xbox, PC and Cloud)

The Xbox-Bethesda Showcase has unveiled a litany of games for the first time, most of which won’t be shown until 2023, but a good number will mostly land in Game Pass as soon as they are released. And it starts in June with the Xbox Series version of the famous Battle Royale Naraka: Blade tip. Available on PC from 2021, this action-adventure that can accommodate up to 60 players at once already has tens of millions of players embarked on its nervous sword fights, eager to explore its vast parkour-style universe. Ranged or in melee, you have to be smart to get rid of all your rivals. Next comes a campaign mode to take on enemies in teams of three.

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You Elder Scrolls online Welcome Isola Alta will be available on June 21 in the Game Pass to embark on a new epic adventure to protect the Bretons of the Systres archipelago. Also note that the free extension Infinite halo from Microsoft flight simulator is already available for space travel enthusiasts who will be able to board the Pelican. Just go to the store to pick it up.

flight sim halo pelican Large
Pelican from Halo Infinite is coming to Flight Simulator // Source: Xbox

For honor is a fighting game with weapons, fighting game setting, in which you play different fighters (knights, vikings, samurai) and you have to beat your opponents in solitary or online multiplayer, with different game modes (match to death, capture the flag … .). The Marching Fire edition offers Arcade mode, infinite PvE alone or with others, and a 4v4 mode. A 4th faction appears.

For honor
For Honor joins Xbox Game Pass // Source: Ubisoft

We no longer present the saga Assassin’s Creed which will celebrate its 15th anniversary. Upon its release, Origins renewed the concept by taking players to ancient Egypt, exploring the pyramids and the banks of the Nile to return to the founding of the Brotherhood.

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In 2089, a giant disk appeared in orbit around Jupiter. Play the brave scientist to explore the places Disco room without fear of dying. If you’d prefer more roguelike cooperative management of your space travel, go for it Space lines from far away, A slightly wacky game with a 60s vibe in which you have to improve your characters and customize your ships.

For space travel like space opera, opt for Choir and take control of Nara to destroy the dark cult that created her. It’s up to you to explore the temples and fight aboard the Forsaken starfighter.

Xbox June Game Pass
Games added to Game Pass in June 2022 // Source: Xbox

In the end, Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection will appeal to lovers of ninja battles. The three games of the saga are brought together, with the choice of multiple different characters and costumes.

They leave the service on June 15th

Like every month, Xbox Game Pass also lets the games of its service go. Subscribers will therefore no longer be able to access it without paying for the game, but it is still possible to take advantage of a 20% discount if you buy the game before it disappears.

  • Darkest dungeon (Xbox, PC and Cloud)
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance (Xbox, PC and Cloud)
  • Greed (Xbox, PC and Cloud)
  • Limbo (Xbox, PC and Cloud)
  • The worms roar (Xbox, PC and Cloud)

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