Galaxy S22 or iPhone 13


This question arises every year, only the number changes … In 2022, Apple and Samsung have once again achieved unthinkable technological feats, releasing smartphones of a quality never seen before, with performances that a few years later we thought were unimaginable. .

Here we are going to try the difficult exercise of comparing these two Smartphones, hoping that this will help you choose the model that suits you best.

Height and weight

The difference is minimal, but it exists and leans in favor of the Galaxy S22:

  • 168g versus 174g for Apple
  • 7.6mm thick compared to 7.65mm on the iPhone 13
  • 146 × 70.6mm for the Galaxy S22 versus 146.7 × 71.5mm

As you can see, the difference in size is anecdotal, and it would be exaggerated to make it a decisive selection criterion.

Screen and display

Both models offer a 6.1-inch screen, with a similar resolution: 1080 x 2040 for Samsung versus 1170 x 2532 for the iPhone 13.

But the Galaxy S22 has a 120Hz refresh rate, while the iPhone 13 is stuck at 60Hz. This makes a noticeable difference in terms of the fluidity of the images, an important point if, for example, you like video games on a Smartphone.

The battery and autonomy

On paper, the Galaxy S22 has a better battery, with a capacity of 3700mAh versus just 3227mAh on the iPhone 13.

But the various tests have shown that for a similar use the Samsung consumes more battery than the Apple smartphone. In the end, it is the latter that offers the greatest autonomy.

It should be noted that both the Galaxy S22 and the iPhone 13 offer wireless charging.

The quality of the photos

Both devices have an excellent configuration, albeit different and therefore difficult to compare. In the absence of a direct comparison, we must therefore consider more subjective criteria:

  • For amateur photographers, it is nearly impossible to see a difference in quality.
  • For photography professionals, iPhone 13 balance tips

The data connection

It is the status quo on this point, the two Smartphones that today offer the best:

  • 5G compatibility for mobile data
  • Wi-Fi 6 connection for high speed

Power and performance

The Samsung Galaxy S22 runs on an Exynos 2200 processor, while the iPhone 13 runs on an Apple A15 Bionic.

Tests have shown it: Apple’s processor is more efficient. Do you hear it when using your smartphone? Not really … but the power reserve is there, and that’s a good sign.

Biometric sensors

Apple has not yet integrated a fingerprint reader on the iPhone 13 (we are talking about it for the iPhone 14) and continues to rely solely on facial recognition.

For its part, Samsung offers the fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S22, but also facial recognition and iris recognition.


Both the iPhone 13 and the Galaxy S22 are compatible with a large number of accessories, which allow you to further enhance the experience you will have of your Smartphone.

From protective case to wireless charger, through headphones or tripod, here you will find everything you need, both for Apple and Samsung smartphones.

Operating system

No surprise here, and the debate is not between Samsung and Apple, but between Android and iOS.

Each system has its advantages and disadvantages: it’s all a matter of taste and, above all, of each one’s habit.


The purchase price is very similar and makes no difference.

On the other hand, the iPhone only works with compatible Apple products while the Galaxy S22 can be used with standard accessories. This is particularly evident in the cables.

In this sense, the Galaxy S22 is much cheaper than the iPhone 13, unless you already have all the accessories.


There are no major differences between the two models, which would allow us to say that one is better than the other.

Ultimately, what can guide your choice is your habit. If you already have an iPhone it is better to stick with Apple, while the lucky owners of a Samsung Galaxy have no reason to change brands.


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