Galar Zigzaton Community Day on August 13, 2022! (Ultra Bonus)


The next Pokémon GO Community Day is scheduled at Saturday 13 August 2022 from 11:00 to 14:00 During these three hours, Zigzagoon of Galar he will be the headliner and can be satisfied in his own chromatic form !

Featured Pokémon:

Evolving into Lineon of Galar then inside Ixon, will learn the charged attack Blocking (Trainer Combat: 15 power / Arenas and Raid: 20 power), up to two hours after the event. The Zigzagoon of Galar they can be captured in their form chromaticthus making it possible to have the complete family in resplendent.

Community Day Bonus

Individual bonuses

Various bonuses will be active during three hours of this Pokémon GO Community Day :

  • Stardust capture × 3
  • Candy catch × 2
  • Chance to receive Galar XL’s Zigzaton Candy for Capture × 2 (Level 31+ only)
  • Incense lasting 3 hours
  • Bait modules lasting 3 hours
  • 5 Galar Zigzaton using the Cliché GO function
  • 1 additional special exchange possible until 19:00 (i.e. up to 3 special exchanges) (look down)
  • Exchanges will cost 50% less Stardust until 19:00 (look down)

Bonuses related to the Ultra Bonus

A Ultra bonus was unlocked during this Pokémon GO Community Day and you will get additional bonuses below from 11:00 to 19:00 !

  • Capture XP × 2
  • Transfer candy × 2
  • 2 additional special exchanges possible until 19:00 (i.e. up to 4 special exchanges)
  • Exchanges will cost 75% less than Stardust until 19:00

Team play bonus

Just like the last one Pokémon GO Community Daysif enough Pokémon are caught a single call (to encourage face-to-face play), a Stardust × 4 bonus will be active at the location where the Lure Module has been placed.

Raid Battles Bonus

During this day, but from 14:00 to 19:00 this time, some Galar Lineon will appear inside Exclusive 4-star raidsaccessible via Free Raid Pass And Premium Battle Pass (therefore impossible to do remotely). If one of these raids is successful, Zigzagoon of Galar will appear for 30 minutes around the arena 300 meters away. They will have the same speed of being chromatic than if they had been captured during the Community Day previous hours.

Special Study

A Special Study exclusively for Pokémon GO Community Day, titled “Research Report: Galar’s Zigzaton” it will be possible by ticket (at the cost of € 0.99 and will allow to obtain the entire evolutionary family of Zigzagoon of Galar.

The details of the Special Study will be detailed below once known.

Ad hoc studies

A one-time study on Zigzagoon of Galar will be available from from 11:00 to 19:00. You will need to capture a total of one hundred Galar Zigzatons to complete this timed quest. As you progress through the research activities, you will receive the following items.

  • Ixon hat
  • Ixon glasses
  • Ixon gloves
  • Ixon pose
Galar Pokémon GO Zigzaton customization items

These items will also be available for sale in the in-game shop after the event.


The exclusive stickers will be available in PokéStopin the Gifts is in the Shop.

Galar Zigzaton Community Day Stickers

Do not hesitate to consult our data sheet Pokemon GO.

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