From Lydie Larouche to Mary Spencer


I was sitting in the far corner of Marc Ramsay’s gym. In conclusion. Sitting on a sweaty bench. Simon Kean had caught his breath there a few minutes ago.

There, a few feet away, Mary Spencer was going for an extreme warm-up session. She is tall, thin, elegant despite the thigh-high boots and the soaked shirt.

In front of me, sitting on the edge of the ring, a bit casual because he wasn’t the star of the day, Arslanbek Makhmudov was playing with a pair of gloves.

Steven Butler had given a brilliant demonstration of his fitness by making gloves with his father. Butler celebrated his 27th birthdayAnd birthday last week. He remembers that he already has a world title fight behind the tie and that he still has three years ahead of him before he turns 30. He is entitled to all hope.

Here, Mr. Mayor chats with Virginie Assaly, the general manager of Eye of the Tiger Management. Denis Coderre eats microphone on the radio in the morning at 91.9 and eats boxing at lunchtime. He helps a diet.


Makhmudov, Christian Mbilli, a French from Cameroon, Mary Spencer, a beautiful great native, the other day there were Artur Beterbiev and Oscar Rivas, first they were Eleider Alvarez or Lucian Bute and Adrian Diaconu. Without forgetting Leonard Dorin or the Haitians Joachim Alcine, Jean Pascal and Adonis Stevenson, three world champions. No wonder Denis Coderre, a former Federal Minister of Immigration, was beaming.

I was in the area and without being too aware of it I started thinking about Lydie Larouche.

He was almost always present when Stéphane Ouellet was training. She looked at him with loving eyes without saying a word.

Then, I saw her with her two sons come to encourage Ouellet when he stepped into the ring to face Dave Hilton.

You probably know the story. This beautiful young woman passed away on October 27, 2004 after a few years of separation from the father of her children. She left Quebec without a credit or debit card and she was never seen again.


It is Dominique de la Sablonnière, along the matchmaker galas by Yvon Michel, who wrote to me yesterday morning at 6. I answered him and he called me back. He told me the story that the police had confirmed. Human bones were found on the banks of the Baie Sainte-Marguerite, not far from Sacré-Coeur, the village near Tadoussac. The discovery of the bones dates back to 2010, but we were never able to identify them.

It was only during the last month, thanks to very thorough DNA testing, that 18 years later, we were able to explain the mysterious disappearance. These bones were those of Lydie Larouche.

De la Sablonnière told me what was being said to Jonquière at the time of Lydie Larouche’s disappearance. There was talk of a sect, perhaps, or some mysterious reason for her disappearance.

“What is certain is that Lydie was a damn good girl, quiet. She fell in love with Stéphane Ouellet. Let’s say that it was not easy to follow and live with the Poet ”, remembers De la Sablonnière.

At least the two children of Lydie and Ouellet will be able to be part of their bereavement. They know their mother died, they know where. Small consolation perhaps, but it’s better than false hopes and illusions.

As for Stéphane Ouellet, he had already suffered the shock of this disappearance. Lydie passed away on October 27, 2004. On December 17, six weeks later, Ouellet stepped into the ring against Alcine and was frozen, both soles in the air, in 58 seconds.


I was so lost in my thoughts that I reacted late when Mary Spencer approached. Bye, bye Earth, we will be returning to Marc Ramsay’s Academy in 2022, please …

Mary wanted to tell me about Lady Ju who very impressed her with her true boxing knowledge. Then we talked about her bride, a young woman from Shawinigan. So, we talked about the beautiful summers in Shawi.

– His parents have a chalet at Lac des Piles!

– I know the place. I’ve already been to Jean Chrétien …

Mary smiled, almost blushing:

– I know, my girlfriend’s parents’ chalet is close …

If I hadn’t been a little embarrassed, I would have tried to get invited. A question of going for a little walk to the former Prime Minister. It would have been a damn good column.

But I kept myself a little embarrassed. After all, Mary Spencer will fight tomorrow night against the last opponent of Marie-Ève ​​Dicaire. We can compare.

Boxing is boxing. Politics is politics.

Always one on one, never four on one.


It is no secret even if TVA Sports still does not confirm the news. But the fifteen CF Montreal games published by Apple TV will end up on RDS.

It’s a loss for TVA Sports. But LP Neveu, who does not want to make official comments, has already shared his advice with all members of the network who work with the CF. The password is simple. We serve fans and viewers with the same enthusiasm and determination.

Towards the goal. Until the end.

Plus, CF is having a season worthy of great impact!


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