Fraud at Games Done Quick – Speedrunner suspended for life


During the Games Done Quick charity event, several speedrunners raised money for a good cause. But one participant cheated by breaking his world record.

Bloomington, Minnesota – At the 2022 Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) charity event, several speedrunners showed off their skills. Gamers took on various video games at impressive speeds and even set new world records. Among them, speedrunner Mekarazium set a new world record in Metal Gear’s Black Wolf DLC. But after the event, he told his fans that his 6-minute, 55-second run was a fake.

Cheating at a charity event: the speedrunner would set the world record

It happened : Speedrunner Mekarazium had attended the SGDQ 2022 charity event. He had to raise money for a good cause by playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and its DLC: Black Wolf as soon as possible. The time he set in the DLC was particularly impressive and even broke his previous world record of 25 seconds. But it was probably too fast to be true. In fact, it was later discovered that Mekarazium had not made his live world record.

Here’s how the speedrunner cheated: Mekarazium has altered its run in the Metal Gear DLC. To do this, he had previously edited scenes from several executions and simply reproduced them when he appeared. This was made possible by the fact that he wasn’t present in person at the charity event, but had streamed his he speedrun from home. The spectators of the event had already donated $ 25,000 so that the Mekarazium could start its run.

Here’s how he got exposed: After the event, the speedrunner introduced himself to the organizer and confessed his action. In a message, he explained that he had decided to pretend because he still wanted to break his current world record.

The organizer of the charity event draws the consequences: the speedrunner is banned

Here are the consequences for Mekarazium: After learning about the fake speedrun, the organizer Games Done Quick distanced himself directly from the Mekarazium. Videos of his two speedruns have been removed from YouTube, but his runs are still visible on Twitch. In addition, the speedrunner has been banned from all future events organized by the organizer.

This is what the speedrunner says He himself admitted his act after the event and apologized to the entire speedrunner community. Mekarazium deeply regrets their decision to tamper with the race and hopes it doesn’t affect the credibility of the other speedrunners.

However, the charity event was a success For ten years, GDQ has been raising funds by supporting speedrunners. This year’s charity event, Summer Games Done Quick, was able to raise no less than $ 3 million in donations despite the false world record and featured some impressive speedruns. This year the donations will go to Doctors Without Borders.


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