finally a function to delete an account


Forced to abide by Apple’s new rules, Instagram adds an account deletion feature directly to the iOS mobile app. We expect the same for the Android version.

Deleting your Instagram account has always been a headache. To prevent tired users from leaving the social network, Meta – owner of Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp – had put it in difficulty. Until now, deleting or deactivating an Instagram account could not be done at all from the mobile application: you absolutely had to navigate through the site, with a browser, and rummage through the menus (see our practical tab) to find the option (accessible in a dedicated page). An operation – voluntary? – painful, in which many users did not dare to embark, out of ignorance or laziness, which suited the business of the social network, too happy to keep their “customer” base, even inactive, and to exploit their data …

But that time is over! Meta had to comply with Apple’s new policy, which requires all applications to create an account to offer to delete it directly from the mobile application. A real revolution. The social network has therefore just updated its iOS application to allow you to permanently delete your account from the application settings. For now, the option has not been integrated into the Android version. But we sincerely hope that it will also be offered. Meta Group has announced that other apps like WhatsApp will abide by Apple’s rules, but still don’t have an option to easily delete your account.

Apple requires the presence of an account deletion feature

To be featured on the App Store, app publishers must adhere to Apple’s rules at the time of validation, but also in the long run. One of Apple’s latest privacy ideas is to make it easier to delete an account and all data transmitted during registration, which deactivation doesn’t do. This strict regulation provides users with a secure ecosystem that safeguards their personal data. A policy that has made the company’s reputation for apple.

We want to give people more ways to check their experience and time spent on Instagram. We have implemented the option to delete your account in Settings on iOS and you will always have the option to temporarily deactivate your account before choosing to delete it“, a spokesperson for Meta said in a statement. The group has, however, waited until the last moment to make this function possible, and for the moment only on iOS. Android users are therefore deprived of it, which contrasts with the statements of the company. ..

To delete your Instagram account from the application on iOS, all you have to do is log in to yours profilethen in Settings. You must then go to the submenu Account and choose the option Delete his account right at the bottom of the page. For those who are afraid of regretting their decision, the social network allows you to have 30 days to retract.

It is also possible to temporarily deactivate your account. This option only allows you to no longer make your account accessible on the platform, allowing you to change your mind at any time and reactivate it. In any case, the procedure for deleting an Instagram account, regardless of the platform, can be found in our article.


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