FC Montreal | Montreal surprises the Sounders in Seattle


There are those games that can define a season. This CF Montreal win over the Sounders in Seattle is one of them.

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Jean-Francois Teotonio

Jean-Francois Teotonio
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Not only did the Montreal team win 2-1 against one of the currently popular teams in MLS at home, but they also imposed themselves in style.

“I don’t know if it’s the biggest win [de la saison]Wilfried Nancy commented after the meeting. But it is an important victory which confirms that we have to play. It’s the only way we have against anyone is to stick with our style of play and be as aggressive as we have been. ”

“I’m not surprised, in all humility. I don’t want to show off because we won against Seattle. But we knew we were playing against a very good team. […] It was up to us to play our game. ”

“The happiest player in the world”

This victory is particularly signed by Mason Toye. Does this name mean anything to you? This efficient striker who scored seven goals in 2021 for Montreal before being injured on August 14?

The American returned to the field last Saturday at the Stade Saputo. On Wednesday, he got his first start following a late season injury last year. He took the opportunity to score a brace.

“He is the happiest player in the world,” said Nancy. I do this job for that. These are good feelings. I am happy for him. ”

Toye scored in the 18thAnd minute to equalize the score at 1-1. Then he did it again at 62Andwhich gave the Montrealers the edge forever.

The main stakeholder did not want to take too much credit after the meeting. In fact, he passed it on to his defenders. Among other things, because they are the ones who have kept the ship afloat for the last twenty minutes, however intense they may be.

“It’s really hard to get three points in Seattle,” Toye said. It is an incredible team effort. Our defense was the best in the field. ”

The fil rouge of the two American conquests? Kai Kamara.

Sierra Leone offered a game full of commitment and involvement. It was he who created the turnaround of the Sounders in 18And, in the center. He grabbed the ball he had just won himself and went two for one with Toye to his left. The latter did not miss such an opportunity: he got up on the left before skilfully passing the leather on the net.

In the second period it was Kamara’s precise pass on the left to the American in the box that gave him the advantage of CF Montreal.

“It was great today,” said Toye. He made it easy for me on the first goal by creating that turnover. He also did a great defensive job. ”

Because yes, as he has done so well since arriving in Montreal, Kamara has shown the example. Like a good 37 year old veteran. Sometimes it was his defensive folds. Then his own scoring chances.

“I am a worker, Kamara admits. It doesn’t matter what happens on defense or offense. In training or during a match. When I work, I want to have fun. You guys see it. If you want to be a leader in a team, you have to lead by example. ”

The author of two assists had arrived by videoconference, jokingly regretting to walk past Toye in front of the media.

“Il devrait être ici en train de parler du fait qu’il était de retour, de ses efforts, de ce qu’il a fait pour revenir, de l’étincelle qu’il a amenée lors du dernier match, de ses deux buts Today. I can’t do an interview before him! But now he’s in the shower. Ah, those young people. ”

Kamara also said she always wanted to share the land with Toye.

“When I went to Minnesota, I was looking forward to playing with Mason,” he recalls. I didn’t have the chance. […] I like the way he plays. Reminds me of my game in the box. ”

Wilfried Nancy, “a genius”

On Wednesday, the 37-year-old striker’s performance was a reflection of his club. Because despite Jordan Morris’ opening goal against the run of play in 3And minute, Montreal delivered one of its great performances of the season. Especially in the first half. We felt it incisive, inspired, involved. Midfielder Matko Miljevic was one of many Montrealers who looked handsome.

Kei Kamara was talkative after the meeting. He had a lot to say about his coach Wilfried Nancy.

In the last match he brought Mathieu who scored on the first touch. Then Mason approaches and misses the net soon after. Today, first start, and he scores twice. This man is a genius. ”

It must be said: the Sounders played without many of their regulars. The two designated players João Paulo and Raúl Ruidíaz are injured. Even Xavier Arreaga, one of their good defenders, is.

However, Seattle had a four-game winning streak. And five wins in seven games.

Montreal thus regains itself at the top of the Eastern standings with 29 points, the same number as the Philadelphia Union.

No, this achievement in the Emerald City is nothing at all.


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