Elliott Friedman links Colin White’s name back to CH


Four. This is the number of days until the first round of the National Hockey League draft in Montreal.

It is therefore not long before we know who will be the first choice of the Montreal Canadiens, but also what other “moves” Kent Hughes will make.

Already several rumors have confirmed that the CEO of the Habs would try in every way to get another choice in the top-10.

We also know that to get another top 10 pick, Hughes buys some of these veterans.

Indeed, this is what the celebrated Elliott Friedman recalled in his latest article 32 thoughtswhere you take the time to write a few lines about the rumors surrounding each of the NHL teams in the draft selection order.

What names did Friedman call? Jeff Petry (of course), Christian Dvorak and Josh Anderson.

However, Friedman also reiterated CH’s interest in Ottawa Senator striker Colin White.

The respectable tipster had, before the commercial deadline, said the Habs had expressed interest in the 25-year-old center.

Many were skeptical about it at the time considering White hasn’t broken anything since joining the NHL. Also, his contract is far from attractive.

The Sens forward will pocket an additional $ 4.75 million a year for another three seasons. That’s a lot for a guy whose best season is 41 points, including 14 goals.

In short, the fact that Friedman returns to this CH interest still leads to the misunderstanding of CH supporters.

However, Friedman makes an important point. Kent Hughes is Colin White’s former agent.

So will Hughes try to help White, a former client, as he gets paid by Ottawa to take his contract?

It is a possibility.

We will know in the coming days or even weeks if this interest is really serious.

What is certain is that White is not on the same level as Dvorak.

If you want to know all the 32 thoughts by Elliott Friedman, I leave you the link here.

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