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For Jonathan Huberdeau, it’s the surname that matters. Even though he is now recognized by the National Hockey League, everything always brings him back to his clan. It is with this idea in mind that he donated $ 25,000 to the Cité de la Santé Foundation.

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Nicola Riccardo

Nicola Riccardo
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It was in this hospital in Laval that Huberdeau was born in June 1993. It was also there that his brother Sébastien and his sister Josiane were born. It is especially there, unfortunately, that her mother Josée Blondin was followed to treat cancer. A disease that she first fought in 2003, then a second very recently, in 2021.

“For me it was important,” Huberdeau explained in an interview with The print. My mom let me know when she got cancer 19 years ago. When I was younger, it was less easy to realize. When she had the other breast cancer, I realized how important it was. I knew I could make a difference. “

Jonathan is not Huberdeau in name. All his life, his parents have been there for him, his brother and his sister. Today it’s his turn to return the favor.

On Tuesday, the Foundation invited Florida Panthers forward and his mother Josée Blondin for a visit, where the $ 25,000 donation and commitment between Huberdeau and the Foundation was formalized. He didn’t just want to give money, he also wanted to meet the people he would help, be they patients or employees.

Photo taken from the Facebook page of the Cité de la santé Foundation

Jonathan Huberdeau at the City of Health of Laval

In the outdoor area, the Jérômien was generous with his time for the employees. The marker no. 2 of the NHL must have made more shots than he has scored this season. Doctors, nurses, technical and support staff, security guards, all wanted their shot with the star.

Then, all the employees, none excluded, went there with a “thank you, Jonathan”.

Especially since another sum of money will be donated to the Foundation on 11 July, during the Jonathan Huberdeau golf tournament, which will be held at the Le Mirage golf club. A check the amount of which will undoubtedly be very high.

The need to get involved

Huberdeau was then invited to visit the hospital’s infirmary. Sector where nearly 600 people come daily for treatment.

The Cité de la Santé ranks second among hospitals treating the largest number of cancer patients in Quebec. Huberdeau was accompanied by DD. Marie-Andrée Fortin, radiation therapist and co-director of the Laval cancer program, Antoine Duperron, a former patient, and André Malacket, executive director of the Cité de la Santé Foundation.

During the whole visit, he was at the side of the Mother, never leaving her. He has toured exam rooms, doctor’s offices and chemotherapy spaces. Huberdeau wasn’t just there to make an appearance of him. He was interested and questioned every person who caught his eye and shook his hand.

Meanwhile, m.myself Blondin witnessed the effect his son could have. Admired and delighted, he knew that if he did it a little for others, he did it above all for her.

“I was very happy that he made a donation, in a healthier way. So much has happened in the past two years. She did it for me, but it’s not just me, there are people who are worse than me, “said Josée Blondin.

With the family

When Huberdeau learned that the cancer had returned, he was in Florida. Unfortunately, she was unable to come to her mother due to the ravages of COVID-19. So it was his relatives here in Quebec and the hospital employees who took care of his mother and he is grateful for that. “My mother has always remained strong, but she has been in good hands here. She was surrounded by trusted people. ”

His uncle was also present at the hospital visit on Tuesday. At the golf tournament, his entire family and closest friends will also come to tease the alleys of the Mirage. There was no other way to do things, he says: “It has always been like this. We are a united family. Our parents instilled good values ​​in us. When we do things, we always do them together. We have a beautiful family, we are lucky. They all support each other. I know everyone will be in the golf tournament. ”

The Huberdeaus have found a new family with the Cité de la Santé. A family that saved theirs. So Jonathan didn’t hesitate long before helping the Foundation. “It goes way beyond the tournament, because having an ambassador like Jonathan is important. It adds to our awareness. Having an ambassador like him is great, ”Malacket added.

others first

Although the environment was not conducive to laughter, Huberdeau managed to make everyone he met smile. Despite the mask, his eyes speak. And they said thank you.

I just want to help. I will give as much time as possible to help people and the health sector in general.

Jonathan Huberdeau

M.myself Blondin isn’t too worried about that. She is sure her son’s commitment will be beneficial: “I did radio 19 years ago and it wasn’t that accurate, so it hurt more at the time and there were more limitations. The disease will always exist. The more money we collect, the more research. we’ll do, the more equipment we can buy and help the staff. ”

The visit ended with a ceremonial photo, where it all began, in the backyard. Check $ 25,000 in hand, Huberdeau posed for the last time. After the usual greetings and everyone resumed their journey, Huberdeau’s mother hung up the DD. Fortin, get away from everyone. He pulled a stack of his son’s hockey cards out of his bag.

“Give this to the patients, please.” It’s Jonathan’s and us. ”

“You don’t know how happy it will make them,” replied the DD. Loud.


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