DJ Snake, a symbol of under-exploited wealth


DJ Snake was present for the closing of the Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022, Wednesday 6 July. The arrival of the Franco-Algerian musician almost overshadows the rest of the activities planned for the closing ceremony.

For understandable technical reasons, the big star did not sing in front of the Oran audience, but her mere presence delighted everyone. DJ Snake has made a name for himself in the music business.

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A few weeks ago, it was not a large Parisian hall that he managed to fill, but the second largest stadium in the French capital, the Parc des Princes.

The DJ is as popular in France, where he lives, as in Algeria, his mother’s country of origin. On both shores of the Mediterranean he proudly claims himself, and he is in the order of things.

Shortly before the start of the Oran Games, he released a clip that was a hit in Algeria and around the world. “Disco Maghreb“, this is its title, is a nod to a certain beautiful era, that of the emergence of the greatest names of the Oran raï in the 80s and 90s. Disco Maghreb is the publishing house that launched Khaled, Hasni and all the others who brought rai to universality.

During the JM d’Oran 2022 (June 25 – July 6), the site that housed it, now dilapidated, has become a place of pilgrimage for visitors to Oran. This, of course, thanks to DJ Snake’s music video.

Algeria is proud to be the homeland of this great singer, as it always has been whenever she has given birth to a big name in art, sport or science.

For these games in Oran, which bring together all the youth of the Mediterranean basin, the presence of DJ Snake was in a certain sense necessary, however very symbolic in his role as a child of both shores.

He himself understood this and insisted on coming even though he was not supposed to perform on stage. He comes to participate in the closing of the Mediterranean Youth Festival, in his country of origin which, a fortiori, is also celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of its independence.

An independence that some parties in France still do not digest, that is these same parties that do not miss an opportunity to attack the children of immigrants, including DJ Snake.

A few days after the celebration of the event, far-right deputies, elected in large numbers during the last legislative elections, transformed the hemicycle of the French parliament into a platform to express their nostalgia for French Algeria.

A speech that many in France, fortunately, do not share. A few days after making young Parisians dance in a large stadium full to exhaustion, DJ Snake came to fill the young people of Oran with pride.

Like all children of immigrants, it constitutes a common wealth for both sides. Like other big names, such as Zinedine Zidane, whom Algeria also welcomed with joy whenever the opportunity arose.

There is no shortage of angry and divisive subjects between the policies of the two shores of the Mediterranean. But there are also reasons for the rapprochement.

Algeria and France, for example, regularly quarrel, but the importance of the human dimension of their relationship prevents it from deteriorating beyond measure every time.

For both shores of the Mediterranean, immigration is an opportunity, no offense to those who insist on presenting it as a burden.

The human dimension constitutes a bridge that unites the two, Algeria and France, which no hostile force on either side of the Mediterranean can shake.

But this wealth is little exploited by the two countries to forge stronger political, cultural and economic ties.

In Algeria, attempts to involve the diaspora in the country’s development have yielded poor results, due to a lack of sufficient political will.


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