Diploma in hand, Jordan Harris is ready


Jordan Harris spends his summer a bit like most 21-year-olds, at least those who still live with their parents: he washes the dishes, does housework and passes the lawn mower.

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Riccardo Labbe

Riccardo Labbe
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“That’s how I pay the rent!” she explains herself, laughing at the end of the phone. I also cook my meals … ”

So yeah, it’s like the daily life of many 21-year-old men, with this slight difference: Almost every morning, Harris shows up with other players of his caliber at a summer hockey camp to work on his skills. Then, before meals and the lawn mower, he practices dribbling outside his family home in Haverhill, a small suburb about 30 minutes from Boston.

He didn’t always know he wanted to be a professional hockey player someday, but that’s pretty clear.

“It’s funny, because I just finished my studies [au baccalauréat en administration], and I wasn’t there to get my diploma, because I was in Finland at the World Cup… so I just got my diploma in the mail! My parents are very proud, they always insisted on telling me that school should come first. ”

Which is not that easy when you also play hockey. Arriving at Northeastern University in 2018, the young defender realized that the puck had become a passion for him. But he never thought about dropping out of school.

“Do you know what he did to me?” You made me understand the importance of organization. I wanted to continue my studies, but when I got to Northeastern, I also noticed that I had to be a better player, to improve a lot of things in my game. The more I progressed in my journey, the more I could understand that it was going to be difficult.

“But I never stopped studying. After hockey, coming out of the arenas, I threw myself into my homework as soon as I had the chance: in the trunk of a car, a bus, arriving at the hotel … I finished with a school average of 3.1. Hockey was taking up more and more time, but I always made sure I did my homework. I don’t know if I will continue with other studies later, this is a good question … For the moment, I want to pursue a career in hockey. ”

This little information will undoubtedly appeal to the Canadian’s leaders, who see in this choice of the third round (2018) a prominent prospect, who could patrol the Montreal blue line for many years.

“I will return to Montreal for the retreat and I know it will be a very important retreat for me … I had a taste of the NHL last season, and only with those 10 games with the Canadiens I learned so much: the preparation in video, the discussions with the coaches… I didn’t have the time to get to know Luke Richardson well, who starts [devenir l’entraîneur des Blackhawks] in Chicago, but I’m not surprised. He is a coach who trusts his players and in return gives his players confidence. I recently read that all the Canadiens guys loved it and I can tell you it’s true! ”

Looking forward to returning to Brossard in September, Jordan Harris will continue his little routine in his little corner of the country, where people don’t recognize him yet (“I’m Bruins fans here”), but maybe that will change someday, in the future. not very far.

The young man is very optimistic for the future. The of him, but also that of the club of him.

“I was watching Avalanche play in the Grand Final, and they have a group of young defenders moving the puck, thinking before they make a game, skating and using space on the ice. With the young defenders we will have in Montreal, I think we can aspire to similar results. I think that we too can follow this path … ”


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