Derek King doesn’t blame Luke Richardson


Having served as interim head coach for the Chicago Blackhawks last season, Derek King was turned down for the job this summer, but he doesn’t want to sink into jealousy and intends to support new driver Luke Richardson.

After manager Jeremy Colliton was fired last season, his assistant King was temporarily promoted. Although he was unable to lead the Hawks to the playoffs, he was in line to take the reins full-time in 2022-23; however, the organization has instead set its sights on Richardson, previously assistant to the Montreal Canadiens.

However, King will have the opportunity to work under the orders of the lucky chosen one, thus regaining his former position.

Additionally, few interim chief instructors remain within a team by being “backdated” to an assistant position. In the last season, seven men have been in charge with a label of interim head coach, including the former National League forward: three have obtained permanent qualification and as many have left for another formation.

Sure, the headmaster concerned could have set sail too, but the Hawks were thrilled with his services.

“I waited, then suddenly I had great conversations with Luke. He asked me if I was ready to come aboard to help them. I imagine that [le directeur général] Kyle [Davidson] and his staff have said a lot of good things about me and I feel I can still contribute, ”King told The Daily. Chicago Sun-Times.

The king went on …

Last month, Davidson had somehow confirmed the claims of the 55-year-old man who acted as a pilot for a training club in Rockford for four years.

“When we hired Luke and started building on the profile of our team of assistants, we wanted to bet on good people. We wanted people who foster a positive corporate culture. And Derek is someone who represents this kind of behavior well, the DG had described. “We told Luke that we hold Derek in high regard, but we won’t force him here because it’s his assistants.”

However, King admitted that he was disappointed with the Hawks’ verdict.

Instead he wanted to stay in the state of Illinois for family reasons. Fortunately for him, she seems to have already developed a good bond with Richardson, whom she has known primarily as an opponent during her career on ice.

“During my interviews with Luke, I felt really comfortable and I think that’s the case with him. In my opinion, we can work together and the combination is good, he considered. I wasn’t angry and I wasn’t going to not talk to him because he got the job. I would have liked to have gotten it, but I’m happy and privileged to be on this team.


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