Could Bruce Cassidy try to lure Patrice Bergeron to Las Vegas this summer?


It didn’t take long for Bruce Cassidy to find a job in the NHL. After being fired from the Bruins on June 6, Cassidy inherited his job as head coach in Las Vegas, where he will look to raise the bar for a team he underperformed last year.

The new Golden Knights rider will be able to count on a nice lineup of talent next year, including Jack Eichel, Mark Stone, Alex Pietrangelo, Max Pacioretty and Shea Theodore, among others.

However, Cassidy could possibly try to lure another star to town: Patrice Bergeron. She said she wanted to take the latter with her the day after her firing in Boston and now that she is in Las Vegas, she may try to sell him her salad in her new project.

Cassidy says she has a great relationship with Bergeron, which the latter also told Stéphane Cadorette last week. With the Bruins likely to have a rough start to the 2022-23 season, would the recall of a Golden Knights contender be of interest to Bergeron?

I highly doubt it, personally.

Bergeron has always said he wanted to end his career in Boston and nowhere else. Even if it doesn’t seem to be the right one car so that he can win the Stanley Cup for the second time, I don’t see him turning his back on his team forever.

Let’s say that I estimate that the chances of seeing him sign in Las Vegas are the same as those of seeing him sign in Montreal: rather small.

And speaking of former Kent Hughes clients, we had a slight development in Kris Letang’s file. In fact, according to Rob Rossi (and as reported by our colleagues at HabsEtNHL), the top priority in Pittsburgh would be to bring Letang back into the fold next year. Evgeni Malkin would be the second priority, but simply because the team would like to see Letang’s ordered salary before negotiating Malkin’s salary.

In short, the chances of seeing Hughes’ two infamous former Quebec clients stay with their current squad seem to be pretty good at the moment. Don’t hold your breath: I don’t see either of us signing in Montreal (or Las Vegas, in Bergeron’s case).

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– Interesting.

– Logic.


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