Colin White is revoked and his contract redeemed by the Senators


By the latest commercial deadline, Colin White’s name had circulated a bit in the rumors surrounding the Canadian. Elliott Friedman said the CH had senators in its sights, and even though a transaction wasn’t completed last March, it was a file to watch over the summer.

And for the past few days his name has been in the rumors. My colleague Maxime Truman even wrote a great text on the subject, saying that the ability to see White join CH after a possible contract purchase by the Senators made a lot of sense.

In fact, an hour later, we learned that the senators had imposed waivers on White to redeem his contract. They then save $ 10.5 million, never having a huge handicap on their long-term payroll.

This is explained by the fact that she is 25, as my colleague explained this morning.

Tomorrow he will therefore become a free agent, but will have to wait until July 13 before being able to sign a contract.

Clearly, it’s hard not to see a guy here who is sure to be in the Canadian’s sights. A former client of Kent Hughes when the latter was an agent, White has seen injuries that set him back for a few years, but we’re still talking about a first-round pick who is only 25 and has shown great things in the NHL in the past.

Clearly it’s not the savior, but in the right chair it can be an interesting project.

What could become a problem, however, is that CH may start to see their line of centers getting more and more crowded. Right now, there are already Nick Suzuki, Christian Dvorak, Jake Evans and Ryan Poehling there, and Shane Wright or Logan Cooley may need to be added to the roster soon.

At the same time, Dvorak could be traded at any time and Evans has had his share of injuries in the past as well.

Preliminary results of a Twitter survey on the In the wings shows that for the same pay, there are more CH fans who would like to see Evans occupy the third center position than those who would like to see White in this role.

But in reality the idea of ​​having the two players in Montreal next year is not impossible, especially if Dvorak is sold before the start of the season. Kent Hughes knows White well and, after all, it’s still an interesting project.

So we will see in the next few days (or, at least, in the next few weeks) where White will play in 2022-23, but I won’t be. truly he’s not surprised to see him in Canadian uniform.

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