Clean hard-to-reach spots on keyboards and cell phones with this biodegradable gel


Keep hard-to-reach places clean, like computer keyboard slots or cell phone grids and holes. Thanks to this completely biodegradable gel, no more excuses not to clean them.

Our computer keyboards, like our cell phones, are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning those little hard-to-reach places. The more time passes, the dirtier it gets.

As a result, dirt becomes more and more deeply embedded, sometimes causing our devices to malfunction.

With the ASFSKY gel, it becomes convenient to clean those once hard-to-reach places to make them clean again.

A safe product to clean our devices

Its application is simple. Just take the gel out of its resealable container and apply it where we want to capture dirt. It is by pressing in small circular motions that we capture dirt and harmful particles in the gel.

Then we just have to gently remove the gel to reposition it in another place and continue cleaning.

ASFSKY phone keypad cleaning gel

A biodegradable gel for cleaning hard-to-reach places like a computer keyboard.

This bright green gel ball has a similar texture to pizza dough or a slime. It can therefore sneak into small and hard-to-reach places.

What’s convenient about the ASFSKY gel is that it stays in one piece. For example, it would be unthinkable to clean the charging port of our mobile phone and see a piece of gel stuck inside.

As a practical matter, this gel leaves no residue or excess fat. Everything stays dry on our hands as well as on our computer keyboard or phone.

A gel that respects the environment

By dint of using the cleaning gel, it will change from a bright green to a much darker green. For better efficiency, we must keep this gel in a preferably cool and dry place.

This gel ball is approximately slightly larger than half a cup or 5.6 oz / 160g. It will be effective between approximately 50 and 75 uses. Of course, it all depends on the dirt we make it absorb.

When the time comes when it is no longer effective, it is completely safe to throw it in the trash, because SI is biodegradable, therefore harmless to the environment.

The ASFSKY gel is available online for about fifteen dollars.

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