Chantal Machabée will meet Logan Mailloux next week


The choice of Logan Mailloux in 31st place in the 2021 draft while Marc Bergevin was still the general manager of the team did a lot of damage to the image of the Montreal Canadiens.

Even today, the young hope remains a sensitive topic.

However, Logan Mailloux is progressing very well on his way to becoming a better person off the ice.

So, let’s remember, the defender will be in Montreal this summer as Kent Hughes explained to prepare for next season as well as being present at the CH development camp.

Mailloux will then meet several Canadian staff members as well as several other team hopes.

Starting next week, Chantal Machabée will meet Mailloux.

“I’ll be meeting Logan next week because we need to make some initial contacts, we need to see where he is. – Chantal Machabee

Mailloux has made tremendous progress over the past year which really impresses the vice president of hockey communications at CH.

However, the plan remains to go step by step and take your time in the case of Mailloux. Above all, it’s not about skipping steps.

“All in good time. Yes, in the end, obviously he will have to talk to the media. We are very aware of that, but we will start by meeting him, discussing with him. At some point, he is also a hockey player, you have to see where he is in his personal development, but also where he is as a hockey player. “

“We will talk to his agent. We do it well, step by step, and then Logan does a terrific job, we are told. I can’t wait to chat with him and see how we can work with Logan. – Chantal Machabee

It will therefore be interesting to see what emerges from the meeting between Mailloux and Chantal Machabée as well as from the one between Mailloux and the team’s general manager, Kent Hughes.

For the moment everything seems to be going well in the case of Mailloux, who is making excellent progress.

It is therefore encouraging to see that CH hope is really doing everything to improve as a person and as a player.

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