CFL: Davis Alexander reassured the Alouettes enough to trade Adams Jr.


MONTREAL – Do you remember Davis Alexander? This young quarterback who had sparked during the Montreal Alouettes preseason games.

It’s been three months since Alexander last played. Nothing could be more normal for a first season in the Canadian Football League. But the leaders of the Alouettes now trust him enough to trade Vernon Adams Jr.

Since if Trevor Harris were to get injured by the end of the season, Alexander could have a chance to start his professional career. We don’t want to take anything away from Dominique Davis, the Alouettes short gain specialist, but Alexander would warm him up to inherit the next generation.

“Before making a decision like that, you need to think about the worst case scenario. We have seen a progression from Dominique Davis and Trevor Harris since their arrival with us. But we’ve also seen a big evolution for Davis Alexander. When you see this, you feel comfortable. Also, we’ve been asking ourselves this question since Vernon got injured this season, “described Anthony Calvillo who manages the quarterfinals and selects offensive matches.

“With the uncertainty about Vernon, who has been a wonderful teammate, and injuries occurring throughout the CFL, the phone rang for him. In the end, we decided that we could do it without him if Trevor got injured, ”Calvillo explained.

At 23, Alessandro welcomes this vote of confidence with joy and humility.

“Show what the coaches think of me. But hey, I still have a lot of things to learn. I will try to evolve as an athlete with Trevor and Dominique making sure to push them to the maximum ”, reacted the right that releases this intriguing reassurance.

Alexander admits, however, that this transaction has a bittersweet flavor.

“I got along very well with Vernon, we had a little connection because each of us played in the Big Sky Conference (when Adams Jr. played for Eastern Washington), “said Alexander, the former Portland State University Vikings owner.

“I knew him, but he didn’t really know who I was,” Alexander added with a laugh.

“I mean, I find it a little difficult to see him leave, except that he arrives in a favorable context for him in British Columbia. “

In addition, Alexander has some characteristics similar to Adams Jr. starting with his physique and the pleasure he exudes on the pitch. Precisely, red does not lose his smile even if he has to wait to play.

“Of course it’s difficult at times, but I’m really a team guy, there’s no doubt about it. Trevor does a great job in games and Dominique excels at short wins. So I make sure I get the most out of every practice. It gives me a better understanding of the CFL game, I feel it’s coming and it’s exciting, “she said.

On a personal level, Alexander eats sports.

“I watch a lot of baseball games. I have a few screens in my room to follow what’s going on and I love basketball too. It makes me think my high school (Gig Harbor High School) is a baseball powerhouse. Also on Tuesday my friend Michael Toglia was called up by the Colorado Rockies and played his first game against the Atlanta Braves, ”said Alexander, who had to choose between baseball and football due to a right elbow injury.

The American hasn’t taken long to venture out of Montreal so far and made us laugh with this phrase.

“I haven’t really left town other than to go to Laval, I don’t know if it’s recognized as a great place he said. But I like to try new restaurants and types of cuisine. I have to say I’m still not convinced of the poutine, “said the one who is now wearing number 17.

Calvillo is already preparing to adapt

What amazes the Birds staff most is Alexander’s calmness. The principal concerned explains everything with the baggage accumulated in his 37 departures at the university level.

“Against Hamilton there was a technical problem with his helmet, he couldn’t hear the selected plays. He came aside and Domenic (Manno, the equipment manager) was working to fix it, but there was no panic in his face. For us it was surprising. “

Calvillo adds that he has relaunched the offense against the Tiger-Cats and embellishes the discussion with another revealing note.

“What we also like is that all of our shifts arrive around 5 in the morning. It’s nice to see him so involved in finding his way. Some young reserve quarterbacks will say, ‘See you guys tomorrow,’ “Calvillo said.

During his second stint as a coach with the Alouettes, Calvillo learned to adapt better to the athletes at his disposal. If Harris gets injured, he should change his approach with Dominique Davis and Davis Alexander.

“On Wednesday I handed out a sheet to our quarterbacks with different plays in different circumstances. I asked them to highlight their favorite games and tick the ones they don’t like. I will study everything and, from there, I will favor the favorite plays of the quarterback who will be in action on the pitch ”, summed up Calvillo.


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